Eagles started their Maths topic of Fractions, Decimals and Percentages by thinking about simplifying and adding fractions. They were supported in this by the use of Smarties on Thursday - it was interesting to find out the variation of numbers of colours from tube to tube.Year 5 in particular were absolute stars with t2017 01 05 14.36.50


Well done to Isla and Pinky her pony, who represented Gretton School in the NSEA School Showjumping competition at Kings Equestrian Bromyard. They were placed 2nd in the 75cm open class.

The results of our mummification experiment have been revealed! The salt worked best when removing moisture from the slices of apple - it went from 66g to 33g meaning it had lost 50% of its total weight. The apple that looked best, however, was the apple that had been placed in caster sugar. The slightly squishy but unbrowned apple lay at the bottom of the bowl in a syrup, leaving an air gap below a very hard, thick sugar crustwhich took Mrs Holt some effort to break through.




On Monday Eagles created three Egyptian dishes: zabadi (yoghurt, garlic, cucumber and parsley) with flatbreads, a sweet couscous (pomegranate, pistachio, orange and rosewater) and tiger nut sweets (dates, walnuts, almonds, honey and cinnamon). Everybody tried most things which showed fantastic open mindedness.



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