The Eagles looked fabulous on Tuesday as they had an Egypt Dress Up Day (watch this space for a picture!). We had some mummies, Pharaohs, goddesses and even Indiana Jones! We spent the morning mummifying apples in different substances (for example, table salt, bath salt, rice) - we will check the results next week and see which was the most effective. All our predictions differed so it will be exciting to see what's happened!

Mr Major then continued his excellent Art lessons, some children going on to using charcoal to draw their Egyptian figures.

Every Friday Eagles take part in a 'Big Maths' challenge. It involves us using our mental maths skills to complete as many different calculations as possible in 100 seconds. 

It has been great to see everyone improving their totals each week. Many children have more than doubled their initial score! We all enjoy listening to the jingle at the beginning and are very keen to accept the challenge and hope that 'today is the day we beat our our best ever score'. 

Image result for big maths



Eagles went to see a French play at Winchcombe School. It was about a boy who was lost in France and trying to get back to his hotel. He met lots of French characters, some of who were more helpful than others! Molly had to tell one of the characters her age in French - she did a great job! The behaviour of Eagles class was impeccable and Mrs Holt and Mrs Fowler were very proud of them.

It was lovely to say hello to some of our past pupils as Years 7 & 8 were also there. They look so grown up now!

Eagles enjoyed taking part in their class assembly on the final morning of term. We recited our well rehearsed version of the poem 'The British' by Benjamin Zephaniah and shared some of our own versions of the text based on the theme of Gretton. It was great to see so many parents in the audience and we hope they enjoyed our musical interpretation of the 1980s song 'Living on a Prayer'.



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