Some of Eagles class had their first Forest School of the year this week (others were busy winning a cricket tournament!).  We went up to the Forest School site, jumping in as many puddles as possible on the way. Mrs Jones taught the children how to do a clove hitch and how to lash sticks together to make picture frames.

We spent a lot of time climbing the Climbing Tree and painting it (and each other!) with mud.


On Tuesday we went to Bristol Zoo as part of our topic about Brazil. Bristol Zoo has lots of animals from South America and we enjoyed seeing them in real life. There was even an area called Zona Brazil!

The education session was very interesting - we learned about the rainforest, how animals use camouflage, smelled rainforest plants and much more. We stroked a milk snake and a tenrec.  We even held giant hissing cockroaches! We were very proud of Mrs Jackson who held a very active cockroach which made a bid for freedom up her arm!



Making the most of some temporarily glorious weather Eagles played rounders on the village field on two afternoons this week! We are looking forward to the Stanway Rounders tournament.

IMG 10031

On Thursday afternoon the Eagles conducted an experiment with yeast and balloons as we have been looking at living organisms. They had a film canister containing a teaspoon of sugar, a packet of yeast and 10ml of warm water. They placed a balloon over the top of the canister then measured its diameter every 10 minutes. Some of the balloons (especially the ones by the climbing wall) became huge - the biggest measured 28cm. We kept one in the fridge too - we thought light might affect the size but it still grew to 12cm even though it was dark. So we worked out that the yeast needed warmth and food to release carbon dioxide. Some of the balloons didn't really inflate and we discovered, when we looked at them, the rubber had stretched very thinly and allowed the gas to escape.

science balloons



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