On Thursday afternoon the Eagles conducted an experiment with yeast and balloons as we have been looking at living organisms. They had a film canister containing a teaspoon of sugar, a packet of yeast and 10ml of warm water. They placed a balloon over the top of the canister then measured its diameter every 10 minutes. Some of the balloons (especially the ones by the climbing wall) became huge - the biggest measured 28cm. We kept one in the fridge too - we thought light might affect the size but it still grew to 12cm even though it was dark. So we worked out that the yeast needed warmth and food to release carbon dioxide. Some of the balloons didn't really inflate and we discovered, when we looked at them, the rubber had stretched very thinly and allowed the gas to escape.

science balloons


2016 04 20 11.04.33

Eagles challenged Mrs Holt and Mr Major to a game of Call My Bluff this week. Each pair chose a word from the dictionary that they thought we wouldn't know and provided a real definition and a made up one.


Whilst the majority of Eagles and a few Owls were at Newlands tag rugby, Eagle Owls took part in a DT day. The first session of the morning was spent in the hall making shapes to see which was the strongest. We found out that triangles are the strongest, and Ivy's tetrahedron was very strong indeed.

We used what we had found out to build spaghetti towers on the playground. Mrs Holt. Mrs Taverner and Mrs Fowler were very impressed with the level of teamwork and ingenuity.

In the afternoon we designed and made parachutes to drop eggs safely. The two groups who were successful had similar designs - the egg was entirely encased in a cube. The team with a tray design's egg made the most spectacular splat!

spag play

shapes hall

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