On Monday we were visited by an author - Billy Bob Buttons. He talked a bit about his books, then shared with us how to plan a story. It was surprising to learn that he doesn't start with a character, or a plot, or setting; but with an audience. Most of his books are aimed at girls and boys aged 8-11.

He used some of Eagles to make a human story plan. The different heights of the children represented different levels of tension. He advised us to always have a gripping start to our stories and not to start with description. He also got us to think about teh relationship readers develop with the characters.

We voted at the end for a story for him to read to us - Billy Bob was very surprised we wanted 'The Boy Who Piddled In His Grandad's Slippers'! He thought we might want a more grown up story - but Mrs Holt and Mr Major knew better!

IMG 08311

Eagles are improving their hockey skills weekly with our hockey sessions. They are all capable of a controlled push pass and can hit and dribble. Their defense is also good. We try not to lift the sticks above our waists to minimise any accidental contact! Charlie S and Alex B have done a sterling job of refereeing - not an easy task, especially when Mrs Holt is playing!

Welcome back!

Attached is the topic web for Eagles class this term for your information.

PE will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. We will be doing tag rugby on Tuesdays and hope the field will eventually dry out enough to be usable - so do expect some muddiness towards the end of term!

Mumbai Calling

This week we have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell. Here are 5 facts about him that we found out:

  1.  His father gave him his middle name for his 11th birthday
  2. Bell was interested in communication because his mother was deaf
  3. He filed his claim for the patent on the telephone only hours before his rival, Elisha Gray did
  4. A famous Alexander Graham Bell quote is: "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."
  5. On the day of Alexander Graham Bell's funeral, all phone calls were suspended for one minute in the US in honour of his work


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