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Revd Hand conducted a lovely Christingle Service.

Our new Student Council members.

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Five Owls helped Mr Bridges to measure the perimeter of our playground on Monday in order to set up our 'Daily K' - a daily, kilometre walk around the playground. The children carefully measured a lap of the playground out using a trundle wheel and then calculated how many laps we would need to do in order to complete the distance. We even measured the time taken to complete one lap and multiplied to see how long the Kilometre would take.


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Mrs Holt held a Maths session on Tuesday – she gave parents who attended an idea of how we teach Maths (not the way we learned!) and most importantly talked about having a Growth Mindset- ‘can-do’ attitude to the subject. Too often we say that we are not good at Maths as adults, encouraging the children to believe that this is fixed and immovable. We try to encourage our children to see learning as fun and something we all do throughout life and that making mistakes are a vital part of learning. She also talked about using bar modelling as an effective visual model for children to draw upon to solve problems. Bar models present the problems in their simple set form without the need for complicated notation. They can also be used in a range of areas of Maths which makes them particularly useful.

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