Last week in Owls, we focussed on our science topic; all about forces and friction. We conducted experiments to test the friction of different objects and surfaces and discovered that friction increases when an object has a large surface area, a rough surface and is heavy. The children even tested this with pulling the rug along the floor. When there was more surface area connected to the floor, it was harder to pull and when Mr Bridges stood on it making it heavier, it was harder still!!


Owls have been learning all about compass directions to start off our map work based around our United Kingdom. We learnt that there are 16 named compass directions but focussed on the main 8. We then used the measurement skills we had practised in maths to design our own compass roses. We will be using these next week to learn about some of the different places within the United Kingdom. 

file1 thumb480

file1 thumb480

Please find attached Owls' topic web for the coming term. 

TOPIC WEB - Spr1.docx

Over the past couple of weeks Owls have been learning about the Christmas story and the period of Advent which precedes Christmas. As part of this, the children created their own Advent calenders telling the Christmas story. 


Owls have been looking at light and shadows this week. First, we looked at what we mean by light and darkness. We learnt that there needs to be some light to see anything but some materials / colours are more reflective than others. We tested this out by braving a very dark PE she'd to see if we could tee a flourescent jacket.

We also made use of a few minutes of unlight in order to draw round Charlotte's shadow. We later compated her shadow at a different time of day and noticed that it was a different size and was pointing in a different direction. 

Later in the week, we also carried out our own classroom investigations into light and shadows in the classroom and predicted whether materials would be opaque, transluscent or transparent.






IMG 0445



IMG 0446


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