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Owls had an amazing time at the Royal International Air Tattoo on Friday. The children had some amazing experiences including going on board a Chinook helicopter. We also were spellbound by the sight of the Red Arrows performing! It was a day we will not forget! Many of our children now have their ambitions set on being pilots!

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Owls have been creating some stained glass windows in our latest DT project. These are based on some of the images that we saw on our trip to Tewkesbury. Some of the work was rather tricky but the end results were fantastic and very colourful!

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In our science this week we have been thinking about sound and how it travels. We thought our voices travelled fairly well through the air  but we discovered that actually sound travels much better through liquids and even more so through solids. This is because the molecules in solids and liquids are more closely packed together which allows the sound waves to move through them much quicker. We tested this by making string and cup telephones and were amazed to find that we could hook the whole class up and if we held the strings tightly enough we could all hear when someone spoke! We could also feel the vibrations travelling down the string as we spoke and learnt that all sounds occur due to vibrations. 

On Monday Owls had a school trip to Tewkesbury. In the morning, we got out on the river on Bell Boats. It was the first time for some of our year 3's andsome of us were a bit nervous but soon got the hang of it. We paddled downstream to start with and enjoyed going under the arched bridge. It was interesting to see the site of the great floods of 2007 we had learnt about in class. Once we had started to get used to the boats, we went through the lock and downstream a little further until we got to where the River Avon meets the River Severn (the confluence!). It was hard work paddling upstream to the Mythe Bridge but we got there eventually and then enjoyed a short race back downstream. 

Once we had finished, we made the long, hot walk up to Tewkesbury Abbey. We enjoyed a lovely picnic in the grounds before heading inside. It was huge! We located lots of the features of a church we have studied in class, such as the font, pulpit and lots of stained glass windows, where we found lots of scenes which we recognised. 

It was a very hot but really enjoyable day and we are now all looking forward to the Bell Boating Regatta in July. 

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