Last week, Owls constructed their own Tudor houses by applying our Maths and DT skills. First, we talked through what a Tudor house may have looked like, noting that there are some examples right next to our school!  

We then looked at how 3D shapes are constructed through the drawing of a net and then the children had a go at drawing their own. We constructed the houses by making three 3D shapes; two cuboids and a triangular prism. The upper level of the house was larger than the lower level which historians believe may have been because ground space was limited and expensive!

The children finished off by decorating their houses, trying to recreate the traditional wattle and daub design. 

It was a tricky project and very fiddly at times but the end result was fantastic and they have all contributed to a fantastic looking display. 

Owls have been looking at states of matter this week and thinking about whether matter is a solid, liquid or gas. We also looked at how matter can change its state and were able to give examples from our own experiences of solids turning to liquid (melting) and liquids turning to solid (freezing). It was harder to think of liquids turning to gas and gas to liquid but this was demonstrated with a kettle where we saw the water turn to steam (liquid - to gas - evaporation) also noticed that when the steam hit a cold surface and turn back to water (gas to liquid - condensing). Next, we will be thinking about how this happens to give us rain!

Owls are really focussing on editing and improving our work at the moment. As part of this, we have set up marking partners within the class. The idea is that the children take a look at each others work and read through it together to try and look for any areas which need improving. We have talked about how all of us; teachers, pupils and even published authors, can make mistakes and so it is vital to really check through our writing. The children came up with some really good ideas to support each other and helped us all to improve.  

Owls have, once again, really enjoyed our recent forest school trips. During the past two sessions we have been busy wittling sticks, ready for using them to cook marshmallows on the fire this Friday. 

There has also been lots of other exciting outdoor learning going on, including looking for signs of spring and den building!

A huge thanks to all parents who have volunteered to help. 

Owls have been thinking looking at the festival of Easter and why we celebrate each year. We looked at all of the things that reminded of us and Easter and found there was a common theme of new beginnings, all linked to the Easter story. We have started to see there is more to it than just chocolate, though I'm sure we will all enjoy a little treat come Easter Sunday!

Our activities have included; writing acrostic poems based around all things Easter and also making decorative cubes with each face representing a different part of the Easter story. 


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