Eagles are improving their hockey skills weekly with our hockey sessions. They are all capable of a controlled push pass and can hit and dribble. Their defense is also good. We try not to lift the sticks above our waists to minimise any accidental contact! Charlie S and Alex B have done a sterling job of refereeing - not an easy task, especially when Mrs Holt is playing!

Owls had a great day dressing up as our favourite characters from books and raising some money for our twinned schools. We first introduced ourselves, in character, to the rest of the class. In our English lesson, we wrote 100 word stories about our character and included other characters from people in the class. We had some interesting meetings of characters including Miss Trunchball and Spiderman as well as the BFG and Harry Potter!

Book day.jpg

Kingfishers really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day on Thursday. They had all made a big effort to dress up as favourite book characters and had a lot of fun working out who everybody was - George was voted the best homemade outfit, as Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Thank you to all those Kingfishers who took part in 'Ready, Steady, Read' too - hope you enjoyed spending your reward vouchers at the Usborne Book Fair. Don't forget to use your free World Book Day voucher before 27th March too - every child has been given one of these and you can exchange them at bookshops for a free World Book Day book - or use them to get £1 off any other book you choose! SAM 2853

Owls' latest science topic has been electricity. First we learnt that there are two methods of powering appliance, through mains supply and batteries. We looked at the uses of electricity but also the dangers, particularly when using the mains supply.

The children really enjoyed making various circuits and experimenting to see the effects of adding more batteries or bulbs to the circuit. We also investigated which materials conducted electricity and which were insulators. Many of us were surprised that the tin foil conducted electricity.

This week the Kingfishers have started their new topic "Islands". We began the week by defining the meaning of an island. We then created passport pages about the islands we have visited. These included some exciting islands such as New Zealand, Gran Canaria and Guernsey. We are now learning about the Isle of Coll during both our topic and literacy work through exploring the stories of Katie Morag.


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