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Robins have settled really well into Gretton school life, enjoying stories, exploring the autumn table and eating lunch together.

Thank you all for attending the parents' meeting on Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed our lovely new tables and chairs!

Attached is a copy of the notes I used to deliver the information to you.

Do come and find either me or Mrs Jackson if you have any questions.

Owls applied what they had learnt about area and perimiter last week to measure up the playground. We measured the length of the playground as roughly 32 metres and the width was 26 metres. From this we were able to calculate the perimiterby multiplying the length and width by 2 and then adding the totals (116 metres). Some of us clculated the area also by multiplying 32 x 26 which gave us an area of 832 metres squared. It sounds a lot but doesn't feel like it when there are 100 children running round on it. Some of us also calculated the space Kingfishers classroom took off this total. 


Year 4 and Year 5 combined for the morning to make up our new Eagles class.

We started the morning with some art: first of all, decorating a quarter of a circle within a square and secondly a half portrait of their own faces. The quarter circles are up on display; separately, they are good, but all together are fantastic - just like our new class!

After break we went to the field for a scavenger hunt. It was interesting for us teachers to see how well the children worked in teams to complete their lists. Maisie found a nest of pheasant's eggs too.


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