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On Thursday, January 26th Eagles celebrated Australia Day as part of their topic on Australia. Poppy and Caleb had Australian hats and Jimmy had a didgeridoo! Maisie looked fantastic in her Australia shirt and flag on her cheek, whilst Felix G had an Australian bow tie printed on his t-shirt.

They learned about Dorothy Napangardi, an Aboriginal artist and created their own artwork following her style.

They also made Lamingtons - some more successfully than others! Luckily Mrs Griffin had made some fabulous Lamingtons which we shared at the end of the day. Thank you Mrs Griffin!

Mr Major did some Aussie Rules football - handily Jimmy had brought in his own Aussie Rules ball. The children also played cricket before ending the day with an Aussie food experience - camel sausages, kangaroo sausages, ostrich burgers and crocodile burgers. Every single non-vegetarian child gave every meat type a try, which we were very impressed by. The vegetarians had mozzarella filled veggie bites and stuffed cucumbers, a popular Australian appetiser. We also had fairy bread and Vegemite.

Robins have been making toast pizza, counting the number of toppings as part of their maths work-the classroom smelt delicious. Hugo brought in an artist box that he was given for his birthday and inspired many of the Robins to have a go at water colour painting. In gym they learnt about balances and some of the children were able to balance on their hands without touching the floor with any other part of their body-Mrs Netting is still working on it!


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Kingfishers have been really focussed this week on learning about internet safety. We have been talking about what our personal information is and how we must take extra care when using the internet.

Year 1 enjoyed a cold and frosty Forest School session with Robins. All the children had the opportunity to use a bow saw and some children chose to make a bird feeder to hang up at our site. Year 2 returned from another successful swimming session with smiley, happy faces eager to enjoy the movie night run by FOGS!

We have started to look at the Roald Dahl book 'Dirty Beasts' this week and the children have been coming up with their own characters with different animals and developing ideas for their personalities. As part of this, the children took on roles of different animals and the rest of the class had to guess what animal they were from their answer. 

We have had some very unusual characters developed such as a tap dancing dragon, a monkey which is terrified of bananas and a vegetarian shark!




Last week in Owls, we focussed on our science topic; all about forces and friction. We conducted experiments to test the friction of different objects and surfaces and discovered that friction increases when an object has a large surface area, a rough surface and is heavy. The children even tested this with pulling the rug along the floor. When there was more surface area connected to the floor, it was harder to pull and when Mr Bridges stood on it making it heavier, it was harder still!!



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