Kingfishers have been learning about the differences between a continent, country and an island this week. We have been looking at the globe and talking about the Equator and how the proximity to the equator affects the climate. The children loved re-enacting the Earth moving around the sun and realised how this gives us night and day and affects the climate too. The children all packed a suitcase of clothes suitable for a hot climate and we all shared our holiday locations this Summer. We speculated what the weather might be like after locating each destination on our globe!

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Owls have spent the last two weeks focussing on discussion texts. We first looked at an example text which was a discussion as to whether there should be a theme park built near Gretton. We looked at the pro's and con's and discussed how a discussion text is a balanced piece of writing which outlines all of the arguments for and against something before coming to a conclusion. 

Following on from that, we deabated whether zoos were 'paradise or prison' with some really good points being brought up by the children. 

We have since been writing our own reports as to whether teachers should or shouldn't be replaced by computers. Thankfully, most children seem to think that we don't do too bad a job and on the balance of things should probably stay!!!

Robins have been acting out and drawing story maps of Jack and the Beanstalk this week. They have planted bean seeds and made collages of the Giant. Robins have also grown cress seeds and made cress sandwiches as well as pancakes on Pancake Day. Big Friends came to read Robin’s favourite books to them on World Book Day and Mrs Amos led story time with one of her favourite books. On Friday we met Karyn’s pet guinea pigs and enjoyed a cuddle!

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For World Book Day Gretton was one of only 7 schools lucky enough to attend an event at Gloucester's Kingsholm Stadium. Eagles class represented the school beautifully - fantastic behaviour and respect for others shown all morning.

Our class was given the decade '1980s', so our presentation was later in the morning. First we watched 4 other schools present about the decades 1900s (Just So Stories), 1920s (Winnie the Pooh), 1930s (The Hobbit) and 1950s (Spike Milligan).

Then we were paired up with Tredington School and went to look at the changing rooms. The children enjoyed climbing up to look at the ice baths.

Next we had a session with Gloucester City museum. They had brought a range of toys spanning several decades. Mrs Holt was excited to see a Tiny Tears and a Sindy! The boys liked playing with a traditional cup and ball game and many children were entralled by a rather sinister clown toy.2017 03 02 12.01.12

Our following session was with the Waterways museum. This was based on a book called Snowy. They kindly gave every school a free copy! Isla S was chosen to wear a traditional bonnet and lots of our children answered the lady's questions accurately.

Our final activity was with Gloucester Library. The librarian explained about this year's Reading Challenge. She gave each school a set of postcards which can be filled in every time you read a book. You can get stickers for them from Winchcombe Library when they are complete. Mrs Jackson was very enthusiastic about the stickers which say 'Try'.

A Q&A session with first team players Jeremy Thrush and Henry Trinder was up next. We learned lots of things and were very proud of our children who waited patiently with their hands up and did not shout out.

Very soon it was our turn to present. After Coopers Edge gave their presentation (1950s, Dr Seuss ), we told the other schools present about Howl's Moving Castle, reading a synopsis out loud, showing large collages of the characters and performing drama. The children did this with confidence and flair.

After Grange's (1990s, Harry Potter) presentation, it was time to go home.


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