Eagles had a fantastic time on Thursday working to design and create their own moving fairground rides.  We used our computer programming skills to include working lights, motors and even some musical accompaniment! We’d like to say a big thank-you to STEM for organising the day and to FOGS for funding it. 

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Robins and their Big Friends got together for a big baking session...mountains of chocolate cookies were created. Mary Berry would have been very soggy bottoms in sight!!

IMG 00821

Robins have been learning about ways of travelling as part of our new topic 'Off We Go'. As well as reading stories about travelling many of the children have made models of vehicles and we all had a go at making paper aeroplanes which we launched in the playground. 

IMG 00631IMG 00671IMG 00791IMG 00701

We investigated what the term 'Fair Trade' might mean this week by playing a game. The children split into 'countries' and were allocated resources - some more than others. Each country tried to use their resources to make flowers to sell to Mrs Holt, a well known international flower trader. It was very interesting to hear words such as 'profit' and 'marketing strategy' being used completely off the cuff by Year 5 and 6 children! The children als learned about fluctauting market prices and supply and


IMG 0821

IMG 0834

IMG 0835Edited

IMG 0853

IMG 08541

IMG 0856

From mud soup, to frogs and toad discoveries, to raisin kebabs. What better way to spend Wednesday afternoons?!


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