If, following our normal assessment procedures, we feel a child is not making as
much progress as we would have hoped, then steps will be taken to ensure that
he/she receives extra support in the classroom. We seek to identify and to make
provision for such pupils as soon as possible, recognising too that some
children will develop at a slower rate than others and may not necessarily be
classed as having a Special Educational Need.


If a child needs extra support, above and beyond what a child would normally
expect to receive from their class teacher, then they will, in accordance with
published guidelines, be placed on the Special Needs Register. The Special
Needs Register can be categorised into different ‘Areas of Need’:


Cognition and Learning
Speech, Language,
Communication and interaction
Social, Emotional and
Mental Health
Medical & Physical


The class teacher (with support from the SENCo) is responsible for creating a My Plan, which describes additional strategies that will help the child to make progress and specific, achievable targets will be set and reviewed each term.


When planning, class teachers are fully aware of the teaching strategies set out in
the My Plan and are mindful of this when considering how best to meet the needs of the child.
Parents and children are invited to termly review meetings to discuss progress
against targets on the My Plan.


The majority of extra support and provision will take place in the classroom as
we believe in every child having complete access to the curriculum. However, we
do recognise that sometimes withdrawing children from the classroom to work on
specific targets with a teaching assistant or teacher is also of extreme value.


Any parent who has a concern about their child’s learning in relation
to the areas of need specified above is encouraged to discuss this with the
class teacher, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo, Mrs Jackson) or
the SEN Governor Alicia Amos.


Many difficulties can be catered for successfully within the school but if your
child needs additional specialist support then we are able to consult other
professionals from the LA’s Special Needs Advisory Service. However, no child
would be referred to these services without prior consultation with parents.


If your child has special educational needs that are likely to require provision
above and beyond those which are available to the school, an Education and
Health Care needs assessment application will be made. The school’s SENCo or
the Headteacher will explain this process to parents and they will be fully
involved in any decisions about their child’s needs.


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