Introduction to our Governing Body

Governors do not manage the school day-to-day – that is the job of the Headteacher – but they provide strategic support and monitoring for the two key areas of school life, curriculum and finance. Governors in an academy school like Gretton operate in a similar way to a board of directors or trustees. Governor responsibilities can be split into three core roles:

-          To support and challenge school decisions, particularly where they impact on standards of learning.

-          To provide strategic management and to monitor progress so that the school can continue to develop and improve and can do so with sound finances.

-          To make executive decisions e.g. admissions, staffing, health & safety.


Who are our Governors?


Our Governing Body is made up of volunteers from staff, parents and the local community who freely donate their time, expertise and enthusiasm to help the school be the best it can be.  Governors have a range of different specialisms and experience. This balance of skills and interests is key to successful teamwork between governors and brings relevant knowledge to the committees. The Headteacher and a Staff Governor are always members of the Governing Body.

There are four Full Governor meetings a year lasting about two hours each and meetings take place in October, December, March and July. Governors also sit on a sub-committee relevant to their background and expertise and in addition, all Governors are linked to two curriculum subjects where they carry out a monitoring role. Committees meet every half term for about two hours and operate through delegated powers agreed each year:


Curriculum Committee

Business Committee

Monitors standards and other curriculum matters, including statutory requirements

Oversees the setting of the school budget and monitors expenditure

Reviews school policies and performance management arrangements

Monitors financial procedures and reporting

Ensures the well-being and safeguarding of pupils and staff

Reviews school policies including pay and other statutory requirements

Upholds equality policies and SEN provision

Maintains the school premises and monitors H&S compliance

How are our Governors elected?

Co-opted Governors

Nominated and elected by the Governing Body

Parent Governors

Elected by the school parents

Staff Governor

Elected by the school staff

Local Authority Governor

Nominated by the LA and elected into office by the Governing Body


To view current Governors’ membership and attendance, please see the table below.


To contact a Governor

You can contact any Governor through the School Office or by emailing the Clerk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Governors of Gretton School are:

Ms Dee Chadwick (Chair) LA Governor

Mrs Rachael Clargo (V.Chair) Parent Governor

Mrs Alicia Amos Parent Governor

Mr Stuart Richardson Parent Governor

Mrs Lesley Warmington Co-opted Governor

Mr RIchard Woolston Headteacher

Mrs Rachael Netting Staff Governor

Vacancy - Co-opted Governor


Mrs Rachel Oliver Clerk to Governors


Members of the Academy

Mrs Helen Fisher

Mrs Dee Chadwick

Mrs Cheryl Cuthbertson


Dee Chadwick is the LA Governor and has been a governor for 11 years, being Chair for the last ten years. All three of her children went through Gretton School and her background is in education. She is a qualified teacher and taught in primary schools in Sheffield. She now works for a company in the tech sector. Dee attends all governor meetings and is also Chair of the Business Committee.

Rachael Clargo is a Parent Governor and has been a governor for three years. Both her children attend Gretton School and she is a qualified teacher working in a local primary school. Rachael attends Full Governor and Curriculum Committee meetings. She is Vice-Chair and also Chair of the Curriculum Committee.

Stu Richardson is a Parent Governor and has been a governor for two years. He is father to Jemimah and Josiah, a keen cyclist and a proud Kiwi. Stu works as an IT consultant for a London based software company developing tools for managing security, risk and compliance. He attends Full Governor and Business Committee meetings and he brings his professional knowledge to further develop the school’s IT provision, especially infrastructure and resources.

Alicia Amos is a Parent Governor and has been a governor for two years. She has one child at Gretton School and also works for at school as a Lunchtime Supervisor. Alicia attends Full Governor and Curriculum meetings and is also the school’s Safeguarding Governor and SEN Parent Advocate.

Lesley Warmington is a Co-Opted Governor and has been a Governor since December 16.  She has a child in Robins and enjoys riding her horse when she has any spare time.  Lesley qualified as an ACCA accountant in 2008 and has worked as a Commercial and Finance Manager for several publically listed companies over the past 11 years.  Lesley attends Full Governor and Business Committee meetings and brings expertise in finance procedures, budget setting and monitoring and risk management to the Governing Body.



Governor Attendance Record 2015 - 2016 

Full Governors Meetings 2015 - 16

Governor Meetings attended Out of a possible
D Chadwick (Chairman) 5 5
J Kelly (Head) 4 5
R Netting (Staff Governor) 5 5
S Richardson 4 5
A Silver 2 3
R Griffiths 1 3
R Clargo 5 5
C Storey 3 4
A Amos 5 5

Business Committee Meetings 2015 - 16

Governor Meetings attended Out of a possible
J Kelly 6 6
D Chadwick 6 6
C Storey 3 4
R Griffiths 2 2
S Richardson 6 6
M Granger (SBM) 6 6

Curriculum Committee Meetings 2015 - 16

Governor Meetings attended Out of a possible
J Kelly 6 6
D Chadwick 5 6
R Clargo 6 6
A Amos 5 6
A Silver 3 4
R Netting 6 6






Governor Meetings Attendance Record 2014 - 2015
Governor FGB meetings attended Curriculum Committee   attended Business Committee   attended Date of office Term of office End of office Appointed by
Dee Chadwick Chair of Governors   & Chair of Business 4 of 4 4 of 5 6 of 6 1.11.13 4 years 31.10.17 LA

Cheryl Cuthbertson


4 of 4 5 of 5 6 of 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Jackie Kelly


4 of 4 4 of 5 5 of 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rachael Netting Staff Governor 4 of 4 5 of 5 - N/A N/A N/A N/A
Stu   Richardson 3 of 3 - 2 of 3 22.1.15 4 years 21.1.19 Parents



3 of 4 5 of 5 - 5.3.12 4 years 5.3.16 Parents
Rachel   Griffiths 3 of 4 - 5 of 6 10.3.14 4 years




Rachael   Clargo

Vice-chair   & Chair of Curriculum

4 of 4 5 of 5 - 13.5.14 4 years 12.5.18 Parents



0 of 1 - 0 of 2 11.2.13 4 years Resigned 25.1.15 Parents



4 of 4 - 5 of 6 20.1.15 4 years Resigned 23.05.16 GB



1 of 2 - 2 of 4 2.10.13 4 years Resigned 31.3.15 GB



3 of 3 3 of 3 - 6.2.15 4 years 5.2.19 Parents

 No Business Interests declared during academic year 2015-2016










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