K'Nex Final

At the end of last week, Jack and Ollie represented the school in the K'Nex final at Renishaw. They
had a fantastic afternoon, creating a wave machine to generate energy. Engineering careers clearly
We've made our crowns for the village Jubilee parade. They are based on the 'Millennium Harvest
Crown', a crown made in 2001 after Blue Peter ran a competition. We've tried really hard to make it
completely recyclable and only from resources we already have; apart from a few pipe cleaners and
beads (which are reusable) we've achieved our aim.

Ollie and Jack and their wave machine at the K’Nex final

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Extreme Reading!

We braved the rain/ sun/ rain/ rain/ sun for rounders at the field on Monday: the children's fielding
skills are progressing well. The Year 5s' third swimming session went smoothly; meanwhile, Year 6
were writing about their idea of Heaven. Mario Kart featured a lot! 'Extreme reading' photos have
been popping up on Showbie: roller skating, in the bath, while somersaulting - Henry and Sophie read
their book on the roof!

Jasper reading on the back of a horse. I love the look on the horse's face!



In Art we have been learning about Ansel Adams and the amazing photography he has done over the
years. We've had two sessions of Rounders - one in preparation for the tournament, which was
unfortunately cancelled, and one after the SATs had finished. The Year 6s have been doing SATs - 6
papers (SPaG, Spelling. Reading and 3x Maths). We liked it - it was fun and a calming environment.
by Matty, Hattie and Monty.

Y6 celebrating the completion of their SATs!



This week we've finished our work on rainforest survival hats for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
The Eagles designed them at the beginning of the week and wrote explanation texts to explain all the
features. If ever the Queen gets lost in a rainforest, she'd do well to be accompanied by an Eagle!

Down at the village field, we’ve also been honing our skills in Rounders!