STEM Workshop

This exciting workshop ran for a complete day and involved the children working in teams of three to build a robotic vehicle using LEGO Mindstorms.  The children programmed their robots to complete a series of increasingly difficult challenges - from travelling in a straight line to dancing and even playing football!  Each challenge built on the previous one and progressively introduced the use of sensors to provide feedback control to the robot.

The children learned about where computers are used and could see how essential computer control has become to our lives.  They also enhanced their teamwork, communication skills and resilience. Each team scored points throughout the day: Izzie, Tia and Grace eventually won but it was a close run contest.

Thanks to FoGS for funding the workshop - great fun was had by all.

ChristMaths tree

Eagles learned about fractals this week: specifically, Sierpinski triangles. We talked in very basic terms about fractals being patterns that repeat at different scales: if you zoom in on a picture of a fractal, you will still see the same pattern repeated. These patterns can be found in math equations, and they can also be found in the world all around us, from snowflakes to the leaves on trees. Santino knew that a fractal has an infinite perimeter!

We replicated a ChristMaths tree the Eagles class of 4 years ago made to take to a Jo Boaler conference at Oxford University, and put our own spin on the finished shape. Mrs Holt made a Koch snowflake (another kind GetFileAttachment.jpgof fractal) to go on top.