Around the World in Eighty Days

It's been a very busy week in Eagles class! We had our first Assembly in 18 months - Year 6 were pleased to be able to continue the tradition of sitting on benches. It was so lovely to see the whole school together.  

We started our learning with an Eagles heptathlon on the field: a sprint, a distance run, javelin, relay, distance relay, standing long jump and a 'freestyle' event, in which the Eagles made excellent use of ribbons, hoops and hurdles. It was an incredibly fun morning with lots of good sportsmanship on display.

The beginning of the week saw the children undertaking some baseline testing - they did very well and showed super resilience. They're shaping up to be a class who give everything their best effort, which is lovely for Mr Major and me to discover. 

We've also started our topic 'Around the World in 80 Days' - some of the Eagles were horrified to find out that Queen Victoria married her cousin, Albert!

Archimedean Solids

After a very late (and emotional!) Sunday night for many of the Eagles, we started with a video about the shape of the Euros ball this year - not a sphere as you might think, but an Archimedean solid called a rhombicuboctrahedron! Once we'd found out about the history of the shape of the football, we made our own Archimedean solids by cutting out and sticking some very complex nets. The truncated icosidodecahedron was a particular joy to create! The afternoon saw a successful Sports Day (errant cricket balls aside) - the Eagles all tried their absolute best and I know they were very proud of their own efforts. The Shopping Race was fun to end on - and now we know which super-shopping Robins to take with us in the event of the next toilet roll shortage. We also learned about stereotypes this week. We drew skateboarders on a Post-It note - out of 26 children, 4 drew girls. It promoted a very interesting discussion, which led into the treatment of the players who had missed the penalties on Sunday night. We've finally finished filming the end of year film - a lot of editing needs to happen now. It's a shame that bloopers would be too time consuming because there were definitely some very funny moments on set! When it's ready, the link to the film will be emailed home. We hope you enjoy it!

shapeBonny and Isabelle making a truncated shape

STEM Workshop

Monday and Tuesday saw hectic mornings of filming down the field and at Forest School. Our new microphone has made a huge difference to the recording of the children's voices and in cutting down the noise of the wind. It's just a shame it doesn't also cut out the sound of house renovations, traffic or trains though! On Wednesday was the STEM workshop - Lego robotics. The Eagles had to build robots and program them to fulfil tasks. Sarah, our instructor, was very knowledgeable about engineering and I hope she has inspired some of the children to become engineers themselves. Mr Major said that the children were full of excellent questions for Sarah at the end of the afternoon. Some of the tasks included customising the robot with extra Lego pieces (there were some very dangerous looking ones!), making it dance and scoring goals in football. The teamwork shown by the children was outstanding: even though it was a competitive day, the teams went out of their way to help each other with the different tasks. Congratulations to the winning team, Lily, Matty and Freya, who won a goody bag from QinetiQ. Congratulations also to the team who won the prize for teamwork, Bonny and Jemimah, who shared the remaining goody bag.



We've learned about Egyptian gods and goddesses this week - the range of animal heads that they had was quite astounding! Did you know that Ancient Egyptians believed that humans were made out of clay on a potter's wheel by the river god Khnum? Or that Isis' headgear was an entire throne (hopefully it didn't give her any back issues!) and her sister Nephthys had a house and a basket on her head? Play / film practise has begun in earnest - it's been wonderful to hear the voices of children singing in school again. The costumes are all arriving in school - thank you very much for your support in this. We'll be starting the filming very shortly! We are all looking forward to both the filming- and the watching! I was very impressed one playtime to find some of the girls - Ava, Isabelle, Bonny and Freya - have used their creativity come up with their own skipping rhyme and actions to match.skip