Literature Festival

Since we couldn't go to the Literature Festival this year, the Literature Festival came to us! The bunting's up, the sign is on the window and festival wristbands are adorning wrists. We completed some activities from the Festival for Literature for Young People as compiled by the UEA. We've written acronym poems, reverse haikus, a tagline for a locked room mystery, a description of something we saw in the front garden and postcards from our future selves. Mr Major and I were particularly impressed by the language used by the children in their nature descriptions: 'the wind wept', 'the raindrops gathered in the paper-like petals', 'the brick pattern autumn leaves', 'the pistachio-green leaves'. We've also continued with the ever popular 'Mathart', a maths lesson taught through art on Freestyle Friday. This week we explored symmetry through drawings of insects. Wednesday afternoon was spent creating a solar system from fruit and toilet paper (and footballs!). It turned out the hall is not really big enough to contain a solar system - even one made from fruit! It was incredible to see the difference in size between Mercury (a peppercorn) and Jupiter (a football / watermelon!)

lit fest


Designing Websites

Our websites are coming along nicely: we have learned how to change the layout and add hyperlinks. Some children have really thought about the colour theme and how it relates to their chosen subject. Matty and Henry decided to design and make their own logo to photograph and upload to their website about Fortnite. In rugby, Eagles continued their objective to find space in a variety of games down the field. Mr Major has linked the children's Geography lessons to their current English work, leading to some smashing biographies about Robert Falcon Scott. Did you know that Scott's son Peter also went on to great things, founding the World Wildlife Fund for Nature?

Henry and Matty creating a website logo

Matty and Henry

Writer's Toolkits

We started our Writer's Toolkits this week with a focus on character names. Bob and Jeff are banned for the second year in a row! We ended up with a tournament between 8 carefully selected names, with the final being Oliver's submission 'Jonathan Thumpington' v Mckenzii's 'Amy Bottomworth'. The first vote was a draw, so we voted again - Mckenzii won by a single vote. She proudly gained the Oscar for Best Character Name. The Writer's Toolkits have blank pages this year, so we can be more creative in our presentation. We've also continued following Stanley's adventures in Holes, our class Reading Spine book. Stanley has just dug his first hole at Camp Green Lake and we have heard the backstory to his family's run of terrible luck. Our sketch books were being busily filled in with a Peter Thorpe introduction page; Lily has already studied his artwork at her previous school so she was a fantastic source of information. We've also started our Music for the term: Dancing in The Street by Martha and the Vandellas. It will be interesting to compare it to the Mick Jagger and David Bowie version and see which the Eagles prefer.

jack and queenie

Eagles' Oscars

Mr Major and I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of homework handed in so far this year. Keep it up Eagles! The new homework diaries are going well and most of the class are remembering to bring them in and take them home every day. We had our first Write Here, Write Now this week: the children are eagerly awaiting the results of the Oscars! We also experimented with designing our own websites using Google Sites. Some very interesting topics were chosen - ponies, dance... even Nerf! We're looking forward to making our final site designs in a few weeks' time.


Eagles playing football in PE