Police Visit

Never a dull moment in Eagles: on Monday Mr Parker (Jacob’s dad) cane in to talk to the children about being in the police force. The children were hugely excited to try on lots of different types on uniform and had lots of very interesting questions to ask. Mrs Holt’s favourite part was seeing the children in handcuffs! On Tuesday we had a go at mono printing - some lovely results despite it being our first attempt. Wednesday saw Mrs Anson doing French and RE - she has been very impressed with the behaviour of the children which is fantastic to hear. We’ve also started our new text ‘The Highwayman’ in English, a superb narrative poem.


Class assembly

For the second year running, the Cheltenham Literature Festival was a fabulous experience for Eagles class. We were booked in to see the writer and illustrator Chris Riddell, whose book 'Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse' is studied as part of our Gothic writing unit. As we took our seats, Chris Riddell was drawing a picture of a fish on a bicycle with a visualizer overhead. He did this again and again - Mr Woolston even had a go at drawing along! There was much excitement when he wrote the name of a school on each picture! We learned about Chris Riddell's life, why he started drawing and he shared with us his sketchbooks full of beautiful and fantastical drawings. Many thanks to Mrs Fisher for booking the Literature Festival once more.
Our Assembly on Wednesday went well thanks to the hard work of the Eagles: they wrote it themselves on Tuesday afternoon. It was very interesting for me to hear about what we have done this term through the words of the children themselves.

eagles at lit fest

Black Country Living Museum

Another very busy week for Eagles class! The children wrote some thrilling Gothic tales in Write Here, Write now, centred around the character of Obsidian Blackbird McKnight. Some had him as a ghost hunter, some as a spy - one even had him as an evil villain bent on world domination! On Tuesday we went to the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley; a 'living' village set in the Victorian and early C20th eras. All of the volunteers we met at the museum were pleased we had dressed up and said how much they appreciated it - thanks to you, parents. We went in houses which were kept true to period and learned about life inside them, went down a mine and had a Victorian school session. Wednesday saw the annual Big House Read in which the children shared their favourite books. On Thursday we had a visit from PC Palmer who led a fascinating session on internet safety; it was very interesting to hear about what the children get up to online.

black countryblack country

Relative Clauses

Mrs Holt, who has been teaching for more years than she cares to remember, has been working on relative clauses with the Eagles this week. The children learned that there are six keys words to look for and that punctuation is important! It was good to see that Year 6s remembered what a main clause is from last year’s learning. Mr Major led a fun Flag NFL lesson in PE - the best part for us adults, was seeing the children self- assess their confidence throughout, making great progress from the beginning of the afternoon to the end.

Eagles art