Working independently

We have continued our study of The Raven by thinking about the author's use of language. We found out the difference between alliteration, assonance and sibilance, and listened to the much missed Sir Christopher Lee’s (or Count Dooku, as William better knows him) reading of the poem. It's also been our first week of getting the hang of how Maths works in Eagles class; we'll be working a lot more on becoming independent as the weeks go on. Mr Major has been setting lots of fun fitness challenges in PE and it has been good to see children trying to beat their personal best.


Welcome back!

Eagles have already had a packed week: baseline testing, PE challenges, starting our Gothic literature writing unit, investigating the artist William Morris, tasting snacks from Turkey and much more!

Big Friends met their Little Friends, the new Robins. Mrs Netting and I are very proud of how fabulously the Year 6s are looking after the little Reception children. Lots of exciting games are being led by the Big Friends!

IMG 3204

STEM Workshop

This exciting workshop ran for a complete day and involved the children working in teams of three to build a robotic vehicle using LEGO Mindstorms.  The children programmed their robots to complete a series of increasingly difficult challenges - from travelling in a straight line to dancing and even playing football!  Each challenge built on the previous one and progressively introduced the use of sensors to provide feedback control to the robot.

The children learned about where computers are used and could see how essential computer control has become to our lives.  They also enhanced their teamwork, communication skills and resilience. Each team scored points throughout the day: Izzie, Tia and Grace eventually won but it was a close run contest.

Thanks to FoGS for funding the workshop - great fun was had by all.