A very muddy Forest School saw Eagles enjoying knee slides a little bit too much! They also made willow wreaths and woodland crowns; a fabulous seasonal activity! We've nearly finished our Highwayman stories - the figurative language used by some of the children is very impressive. We've also continued our Mathart series with a look at Giotto's Ognassanti Madonna. Our focus was on ratio and we experimented with different ratios of paint colours. At the time of writing, we have yet to experience the Spirit of Christmas, but the children have done very well in their singing practices.



Eagles welcomed back Mr Major this week - he was right back in the fray with a morning of cover while Mrs Holt was monitoring the quality of Maths across the school. In the afternoon we started making healthy lifestyle adverts using iMovie, which the children will finish with Mr Major next week. We continued our singing practice on Tuesday - the children already sound lovely and we are very much looking forward to our concert at the cathedral (they are looking forward more to Pizza Express!). On Wednesday Mr Major accompanied Eagles to a very midge-filled Forest School with Mrs Wycherley where they made clay cookies. We've split for PE in this inclement weather, half with Mr Major playing boccia and half finishing off bits and bobs with Mrs Holt.

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Planting Trees

Another successful Forest School saw Eagles planting trees around the Forest School site. We planted 5 silver birch and 5 wild cherries: they are tiny now but we hope they will grow well and become a part of our environment. It was so exciting to help keep our planet thriving. Singing practice for The Spirit of Christmas continues apace - not long now until we are performing with Innsworth and Rednock in front of a large crowd! We also looked at the art of Ellsworth Kelly - the children saw lots of maths in the prints of squares that he created. They created their own squares and investigated the proportions of each colour they used. 




Blood Smoothies!

It's been a very hands-on week in Eagles class. We made 'blood' smoothies on Monday: raspberries for red blood cells, mini marshmallows for white blood cells, pineapple juice for plasma and sprinkles for platelets. Some groups had apple (A), some banana (B), some apple and banana (AB) and some orange (O). On Tuesday we continued to refine our printing technique by attempting repeated patterns on coloured paper. It was of course, No Pens Wednesday on Wednesday. We kicked it off with a Roman numerals tarsia (jigsaw puzzle) followed by our first Forest School session. Mrs Wycherley shared some pictures of art inspired by nature and the children created their own. They followed this with leaf bashing and leaf threading. There was some fabulous art produced. In the afternoon, Eagles made their own hearts using cups, water, straws and balloons. They were able to pump water through a straw by pushing on the balloon. It made an absolute mess but was lots of fun. We then had some actual, real-life lamb's hearts to dissect in groups -we could clearly see the chambers and some hearts had a very prominent vena cava.

smoothie 2smoothie 2