Crystal Palace

The Eagles worked together to make the Crystal Palace this week. They constructed tetrahedra for the bases and tripods for the pillars. These supported a barrel roof which was the main feature of the Crystal Palace.

We found out that there was a problem with sparrows inside the original building and they pooed all over Queen Victoria and the Duke of Wellington! So sparrowhawks were introduced and all the sparrows were eaten.

Crystal Palace was built in 1851 and designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It burned down in 1936. The invention of the cast plate glass method in 1848 meant it was the largest amount of glass ever seen in a building and astonished visitors with its clear walls and ceilings that did not require interior lights, thus a "Crystal Palace"

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Victorian Day

Eagles class looked fabulous on their first day back at school - they and their parents obviously worked very hard to get their costumes looking so good. There was a good mixture of rich and poor children, plus Jack the Ripper!

The boys and girls lined up separately and sat apart in class. They tried using chalk to write with but it was very frustrating as it smudged so easily. Then the children had a go at 'curly' Victorian handwriting. There was a very impressive standard so I am looking forward to seeing their lovely neat work this year! Maths involved lots of chanting of times tables - Mr Major made sure EVERYBODY joined in - any slackers faced the dunce's hat! Mrs Holt accidentally made it a bit too big and we all had a non-Victorian giggle when it slipped right over Polly and Grace's heads! We then learned about Victorian money - guineas, crowns, farthings, shillings etc and tried solving problems. It was much trickier than our decimalised system!

The afternoon brought two new songs - 'A Ship Sailed From China' and 'An Austrian Went Yodelling'. We also skipped, hula hooped and hopscotched.

Victorian Photograph2