Eagles' Parents Meeting

Thank you all for attending the parents' meeting on Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed our lovely new tables and chairs!

Attached is a copy of the notes I used to deliver the information to you.

Do come and find either me or Mrs Jackson if you have any questions.

Moving Up Morning - Eagles

Year 4 and Year 5 combined for the morning to make up our new Eagles class.

We started the morning with some art: first of all, decorating a quarter of a circle within a square and secondly a half portrait of their own faces. The quarter circles are up on display; separately, they are good, but all together are fantastic - just like our new class!

After break we went to the field for a scavenger hunt. It was interesting for us teachers to see how well the children worked in teams to complete their lists. Maisie found a nest of pheasant's eggs too.

Eagles sports round-up

Despite the heat, Eagles had a Wednesday that was packed with sporting activity.

In the morning we attended the lido's fun swimming gala, which saw children racing in teams with inflatables and pool noodles. Will Tingle received a Values award for Self Belief - well done Will!

During the afternoon, we had a short rounders practice on the field, enabling the Stanway teams to have one final chance to build their team ethos.

The evening tournament at Stanway Cricket Club was fantastic, as always. Isbourne Valley School hosted it well - the whole evening ran very smoothly. Gretton took three teams, Isbourne took two and 7-years-in-a-row champions Temple Guiting took one. All three Gretton teams played to the best of their ability, and just as importantly, they worked well in their teams, supporting each other. It was lovely to see the encouragement given by the Eagles children to the Owls children - some of whom were siblings who we drafted in at the last minute to supplement teams.

We were thrilled that Gretton took 1st, 3rd and 5th places. It was a testament to how hard children have worked in rounders this year and I truly believe the respect and support the children show each other had a big part to play.