Scientific Thinking

Some excellent scientific thinking in Eagles this week as the children designed their own experiments to prove light travels in a straight line. They were armed only with a torch, a book and a piece of paper. Ruben explained to us the meaning of the word 'hypothesis' and we set about proving ourselves right (or wrong!). We also experimented with what happens when you use mirrors too. Bonny and George designed a mirror cave to see what would happen! With Mr Major, the children learned about Daniel Boone, the Cumberland Gap, the Appalachian Mountains and the expansion of the West - what a busy afternoon!





We tried some space food this week, as prepared by Joseph and Mrs Marlow. The dehydrated apple slices smelled deliciously cinnamony and went down very well with lots of the children. They certainly made an excellent snack to graze on while we watched a short video about the phases of the moon. We found out that not only does the Earth travel around the Sun, but the moon travels around the Earth while the Earth travels around the Sun! Lots of children learned the term 'new moon', as well as the words 'waxing', 'waning' and 'gibbous'. Mr Major again led a fab tag rugby lesson - despite a few slips on the muddy field, the children gave it their all and made good progress.


Literature Festival

Since we couldn't go to the Literature Festival this year, the Literature Festival came to us! The bunting's up, the sign is on the window and festival wristbands are adorning wrists. We completed some activities from the Festival for Literature for Young People as compiled by the UEA. We've written acronym poems, reverse haikus, a tagline for a locked room mystery, a description of something we saw in the front garden and postcards from our future selves. Mr Major and I were particularly impressed by the language used by the children in their nature descriptions: 'the wind wept', 'the raindrops gathered in the paper-like petals', 'the brick pattern autumn leaves', 'the pistachio-green leaves'. We've also continued with the ever popular 'Mathart', a maths lesson taught through art on Freestyle Friday. This week we explored symmetry through drawings of insects. Wednesday afternoon was spent creating a solar system from fruit and toilet paper (and footballs!). It turned out the hall is not really big enough to contain a solar system - even one made from fruit! It was incredible to see the difference in size between Mercury (a peppercorn) and Jupiter (a football / watermelon!)

lit fest


Designing Websites

Our websites are coming along nicely: we have learned how to change the layout and add hyperlinks. Some children have really thought about the colour theme and how it relates to their chosen subject. Matty and Henry decided to design and make their own logo to photograph and upload to their website about Fortnite. In rugby, Eagles continued their objective to find space in a variety of games down the field. Mr Major has linked the children's Geography lessons to their current English work, leading to some smashing biographies about Robert Falcon Scott. Did you know that Scott's son Peter also went on to great things, founding the World Wildlife Fund for Nature?

Henry and Matty creating a website logo

Matty and Henry