House Shields

It was lovely to welcome back Eagles class this week. There were a few nerves and quite a lot of excitement but the children all settled in very quickly. We heard lots about all the things they have been doing at home and it was fantastic to see that many children have been reading while they were off school. Mr Major and I are very much looking forward to the year ahead with them!

Our school-wide mini-topic of ‘What School Means to Me’ saw the Eagles designing their own House shields. So much creativity and hard work went into their sketchbooks - we were very impressed. Lots of shield shapes (escutcheons), ideas for House qualities and symbols were represented. 




A hot topic of conversation in Eagles has been COVID-19, so we learned about the difference between viruses, bacteria and fungi. We also used glo germ gel and a UV light to test the effectiveness of hand washing with soap and water.

The Oscars

Our Oscars have arrived! It was exciting to unwrap the little statuettes that Eagles will earn for being ambitious in their writing. Some of the Oscars awarded this week have included Outstanding Use of Vocabulary (Alissa), Best Extended Noun Phrase (William) and Best Use of Punctuation (Matilda), amongst others. In Geography, the children looked at the average rainfall in India - the monsoon months can have up to 800mm! They created choropleth maps to show the areas of India which have the heaviest rain. We also noticed that the temperature across the year does not vary as much as in the UK. In RE, we discovered that there are three main aspects to Brahman. In future weeks, we will be learning more about the different Hindu gods and goddesses.

Board Games

What a fabulous final week of term for Eagles class! The final Forest School of term saw the children enjoying one last hot chocolate - we're looking forward to seeing the difference a change in season makes when we next visit. The children experimented with salt and watercolours to make Christmas cards; there were some very effective patterns. They also made traditional pompom tree decorations - some looking like Brussels sprouts, others a riot of colour. We played our board games which were a culmination of our Around the World in 80 Days topic - there are certainly some potential future graphic designers in Eagles! On top of all this, the children completed their explanations of how Father Christmas gets around the world in one night!