Nature In Art - Eagles

Eagles spent a very enjoyable day on the whole school trip to Nature In Art in Twigworth. They were extremely well behaved on the coach on the way there despite their palpable excitement.

Our first session was wet felting. Each child used wool to create minibeast pictures. It was the first type of crafting I have ever seen where you finish cleaner than when you started!

Next we looked around the sculpture garden, the main house and met the artist in residence. The sculptures in the garden were mainly minibeasts made from farming implements. There was also an enormous golden eagle in the centre which we felt was very appropriate! The main house contained photos from a competition. They were of British wildlife and were stunning. Some of the locations looked so beautiful and it made us appreciate how lucky we are to live in the UK. There was also so origami - some using Tunnocks wrappers and Lottery tickets!

The artist was called Chris Sinden and he showed us how he used linoleum to create amazing pictures of birds. He cut into the lino using special tools and printed different coloured paints on top of each other to get the colour he wanted.

In the afternoon we made wire flowers. The Eagles created loops of wire and dipped them into a paint called Fantasy Film to create a translucent stained glass effect. This was the most popular workshop of the day.

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Visit from Moye

On Monday Eagles had 29 French children spend the day with us. They came from Moye, which is in the Alps near Switzerland. We started with a Maths investigation working in groups of 4 - two French children and two English children per group. The language barrier made things difficult initially but as I moved around the classroom I could hear children using their French / English skills to find out each other's names.

We had an early lunch (55 children and 6 adults in one classroom got a bit warm!) and the children played football together - England v France. Some of the children also taught each other clapping games from their respective countries.

After lunch we were invited to try a French cheese - Tome des Bauges. It had a mixed reception from the English children (although Mr Major and I loved it) but the French children returned many times for more.

The afternoon saw a tag rugby tournament run by Mr Major and very ably assisted by Alex Jameson. Both refereed matches on their pitches. The children were split into 8 teams (mixed schools) named after World Cup countries and the overall winners were Japan.

The link to the school is and you can see a paragraph M. Allaire wrote about Gretton in the Projet Scolarugby section.


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Personal challenge was the aim of the Eagles' residential at Kingswood this year. The children set their own targets for each activity and did their best to achieve it. They had a fantastic time climbing, zooming down the zipwire, doing their best Robin Hood impressions in archery and much more! It was great to see the children working together as a team and learning different ways to communicate and to listen to each other.

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The Great Eagles Bake Off

We were delighted to find out that it was Victorian Week in the Great British Bake Off, so while half the class was busy reaching the finals of the Children's World Cup tag rugby tournament, the rest of us decided to have a try at some Victorian baking.

In the morning we started to prepare the filling for our game pie. We used turkey, duck, partridge, venison and bacon. Lots of the children had never cut meat before so they were surprised to find the texture of raw meat was very different to cooked meat.

At lunchtime Poppy, Gabriel, Oliver, Grace and Evie-Mae helped to grate the zest of an orange, squeeze the orange, chop two red onions and a punnet of chestnut mushrooms. We added these to the cooked meat and waited for the onion to soften.

Molly cut some nice pastry shapes from our (shop bought!) puff pastry and Maya egg washed it so that it would be shiny and golden when cooked.

It was finished by mid afternoon and apart from a tiny soggy bit of pastry was perfect - we were very proud of ourselves.

We also made some lemon buns - flour, milk, egg, sugar, lemon zest, lemon juice and caraway seeds went into the mixture. They were served with  sprinkle of sugar on top.

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