Writing Skills

Eagles have dusted off their writing skills this week with a series of short writing tasks. Matty left us on a huge cliff-hanger in his suitcase account, Oscar's toys went from partying to all-out civil war, Jude invented a burger dispensing machine and Ollie's alien had a very strong Among Us vibe! Meanwhile Ava's alien presentation was possibly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen... I was very pleased to see all of the Eagles having a good go at using ambitious vocabulary. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the Science experiment - Isabelle has even used two types of water (tap and stream) to see what will happen. We also asked ourselves the very important scientific question - 'Are cats a liquid?'! The designs of what schools might look like in the future were very interesting: running tracks, swimming pools, a plethora of slides and thoughtfully placed coffee machines for teachers. Keep those gratitude journals going Eagles - I've been impressed to see the many things you are grateful for.

tigersOscar's tigers in battle!


Reading Challenge

I have been so pleased to see some really high quality pieces of work being submitted on Showbie. Just a few of the many examples: Ava made some of her architectural features 3D, Henri and George's French houses included extra rooms and Henry's gargoyle was very detailed. Don't forget to always make sure you have good presentation though! I

A few children have taken on the Reading Challenge - see picture attached of Isabelle reading upside down as an extra challenge she gave herself! Jasmine sent a picture of the audiobook she is listening to, and Ruben is re-reading an old favourite. I would love to see more pictures of children and the things they are reading, or listening to.



This week has been packed full of exciting activities from: writing our names in light, measuring angles and making our own wanted posters in our thrilling afternoon with Mr Major. These are just some examples of what we did this week.

The main highlight this week was when we all got Christmasified up for our class performance. For many weeks 9 Y6s (Jennifer, Matilda, Ava, Isabel, Jemimah, Queenie, Lily, Talullah and William) have been preparing and practising the dance which parents will be able to see. We had lovely white tops / dress and black leggings or shorts. After we were all glammed up we performed it to the whole class and Mrs d'Arcy who really enjoyed it. The rest of the Y6s were like professionals in their Christmas hats and all the Y5s went to a different country!



This week in Eagles!

On Wednesday we watched Lewis and Clark Journey to the Wild West. They tackled lots of obstacles in the way. Only one man died on the two- year period (Sargent). Lewis nearly lost his life in two days on the journey! We have also been doing ebooks about what we have enjoyed doing from September. For instance, Matty, Joseph and Zeyla are doing Art. We have also been playing 15 to 1; basically it’s a really fun quiz game. What you do is the teacher asks you quiz questions from a book and you have to answer them if you get it wrong you have to sit down. Every star is a win. If you win you go on the board. In Art we have been doing Christmas trees and Peter Thorpe’s rockets together to make Christmas rockets. They are Christmas trees with rocket boosters. And that’s all for Eagles class for this week.

by Matty and Henry