In Kingfishers this week, we have been making daily visits to the Cheltenham Literature Festival, all from the comfort of our classroom. We have enjoyed watching and listening to the authors as they talk about their books and hearing them read parts of the stories to us. We have revisited the texts from 2019 and reminisced about our trip to Cheltenham last year!

To continue our ‘reminiscing’ theme, we talked about where we went for Harvest, and what we did once we were there. We learnt what the significance of Harvest is to Christian people, and all worked together to create a Harvest Wreath which is hanging in the middle of our classroom – it looks really bright and cheerful as you can see in the photo.

Other activities this week have seen us taking part in Maths, Geography, P.E., Forest School, Phonics, and Science. My apologies if anyone came home asking to have a pet snake – we discussed how caring for a snake is easier than looking after a dog, although admittedly they’re possibly not as friendly!

wreath 2wreath 2


Continuing our work on Dinosaurs and Fossils – we made our own ammonites, remembering the ‘Dough Disco’ activities from Robins. Our attempts were very successful indeed – and today they are dry enough to ‘age’ (paint!)

We have really enjoyed going to Forest School on Thursday mornings although the weather hasn’t entirely helped us to enjoy the opportunities to the full. However, we have collected hundreds of acorns from under the Oak tree – which we have been using to help us with our counting in maths. We have been practising grouping them in 2s, 5s and 10s. We also invented a new take on the game ‘ Duck, Duck, Goose’ …’Nut, Nut, Squirrel’. In Science we have been learning about Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores, using our resident experts Molly and Eliza for their exceptional knowledge on the diets of horses, ponies, hens and chickens!

A special mention to Wren, Bella and. Sofia, for reaching their 25 nights this week.



Maths and more

Once again, Kingfishers have been busy. We have been working hard on our handwriting, Y2s are beginning to learn to join the letters, whilst the Y1s have been practising their phonics (sounds!). We have been enjoying the stories of Harry and the Dinosaurs; and have begun writing a version ourselves. In Maths, the Y1 children have been consolidating their knowledge, counting forwards and backwards and making 10, whilst the Y2s have been working on tens and ones, making and breaking 2 digit numbers.

10 frame

For our topic work, we have been finding out about Mary Anning. She discovered many fossils in Lyme Regis – we’ve had to make our own, as our playground is particularly unlike the Jurassic Coast! Last week we made moving model dinosaurs, using different joining techniques – some people’s had up to 4 moving parts!

Dinosaurs Roar!

A great start to the week for Kingfishers, beginning our topic ‘Dinosaurs Roar’. In the mornings we have been writing facts about Dinosaurs, and learning some of the names if we’re not sure – and in the afternoons we have been labelling them, finding out about the past, when they were alive, and collating our thoughts about what they already know. With Mr Major, we have been exercising, running, turning and twisting, taking turns and generally exhausting ourselves. It was a little tricky ensuring all the sweatshirts returned to their correct owners – so please check the name labels, so that we can be ready for home time promptly. Thank you. We have finished our Kingfisher display in the entrance hall – I was so proud of the way the children worked together to create the beautiful centre piece.

Kingfisher class