Continuing our How and Why do we Celebrate topic, we then learnt about Remembrance Day. Not only making poppy wreaths to join in with the school Act of Remembrance on Monday, but also visiting the War Memorial in Gretton, and thinking about the men who left from this area. We made poppy field prints for Art, and also learnt to use hammers to make leaf prints at Forest School. These were, on the whole, very successful!
The children were very pleased to take part in No Pens Wednesday, honing their acting skills whilst performing the story of ............ they were enjoying it so much, they were 10 minutes late for lunch!!!

IMG 2935IMG 2935

No Pens Wednesday 1.

We really enjoyed No Pens Wednesday in Kingfishers - here are some pictures of Goldilocks at the Bears House, and maybe some bears too!IMG 2963IMG 2968IMG 2973IMG 2988IMG 2989IMG 2997IMG 3009IMG 2959IMG 2977IMG 2993IMG 2994IMG 3005

Tournament Tuesday

What a fantastic day we had; the weather blossomed, and the children all looked fantastic in their costumes. We started the day, completing the castles, the children had started. We also held the heats for the Jousting Tournament - a highly amusing and exciting event! We soon whittled the competitors down in order to hold the semi finals in the afternoon. (No Knight or Princess was injured in the process!). The day continued with Goblet decorating, cake decorating, banner making, crown making, and a Tournament Treasure Hunt. The day ended with a grand (mini) banquet feasting and drinking on a long table in the playground.IMG 2716IMG 2730IMG 2740IMG 2888IMG 2744IMG 2746IMG 2749IMG 2797IMG 2851IMG 2853IMG 2857IMG 2900IMG 2864

Gretton Tower

Following hard on the heels of last week's Harvest Assembly, this week saw Kingfishers presentation of poems written after our experiences at The Cheltenham Literature Festival. It was so lovely for the children to see so many of you taking time to watch them. Some were a little nervous of using the microphone - but we hoped it would enhance their speaking, so their wonderful poems could be heard. We went for a little wander through the village on Tuesday, to explore the Gretton Tower. It really is a little gem hidden away amongst the thatched cottages. It was really interesting finding out about the history of the tower, and linking the story of the bell to those on the children's sweatshirts. We came back to school, and tried to draw what we had seen, remembering to use the line drawing skills we have been learning.

IMG 2663IMG 2663IMG 2668