Another week has whizzed past – where is the time going? The children have all been trying very hard with their assessment tasks in Maths and English, as well as learning more about Handa. She is no longer surprised – she now has a hen to assist her. She is finding lots of other Savannah animals too. This has helped us in our Science work, where we have been continuing to think about mammals, reptiles and amphibians, birds and fish. This week we really had to think about whether the bird and hedgehogs were carnivores ….the reasoning and discussions were lively! In RE we have continued with the story of Easter Week – we have reached the sad part of Good Friday, but next week we will be able to think about Easter Sunday, and also eat some Hot Cross Buns – so not all sad! We began to make Masai ceremonial necklaces last week, after having a Masai Jumping competition – this week we have nearly completed them – but we had another go at the Jumping Competition – to see if anyone had improved. In PE Mr Major had planned an assault course Safari – which was “brilliant” and “really cool”! We had a great time at Forest School going on a minibeast safari. It turned out that we didn’t have to go any further than base camp! We just needed to lift the log seats! There were many worms, several slugs and centipedes, some slug or snail eggs and the best one was a massive copper shelled beetle. It was very exciting. Next week we are hoping we might find another sort of egg…..!



Handa's Surprise

This week saw Kingfishers continuing to enjoy the story of Handa’s Surprise – and what a surprise it was to enjoy the tastes of all the different fruits in the story! There was some super descriptive writing, about the tastes and smells. We were so pleased with the children who tried the fruits they have not eaten before. Our maths work has seen us measuring with metre sticks and handspans – there really is quite a difference in the size of hands even from Y1 to Y2 – hmmmm maybe that is why we have a standard unit of measurement…..?! We discovered the same thing in RE with our handprint hearts! When we were at Forest School, we heard a delightful story ‘ A New Home for Wren’ before we went off to scavenge for all the things that Wren might have found and used for her nest. Although wrens are the shortest British bird – some of the nests we created were rather roomy! The children spent a long time searching for things that would help to make their nest the most comfortable or enticing! In Science we have been thinking about the characteristics of mammals, amphibians, fish, birds and reptiles. There was much discussion, and a lot of confused expressions whilst we were trying to identify whether some creatures were reptiles or amphibians…. It means we have something to work on next week!


Holy Week

How lovely it has been to welcome the children back to school. They have certainly been pleased to see each other – and there have been many opportunities to chat and catch up! In maths we have been measuring various different classroom items, using cm and m. For some it has been quite tricky – making sure the end is at 0cm – but the message is getting through! We have been finding out a little more about Holy Week and are going to record the events using handprints – so far we have a handprint donkey to recall Palm Sunday – and a handprint bird to recall that Jesus was cross about the market in the Temple.


Just before Christmas we were thinking about the seasons - we began to make a Calendar. This week we have been able to continue them – having experienced 2 more seasons whilst we have been off school! We will wait a little longer to complete the Summer season!

African Sunsets

And so we come to the end of the final slightly odd week! Huge thanks and congratulations to those still keeping up the momentum with the home learning – and well done to those who are getting to grips with going hither and thither in school. Next week will see some normality – (hmmm!) Much of our work this week has been inspired by World Book Day – and the joy of stories. The children have been making up their own safari stories, scenery, and creating puppets with or without split pins. They have been using adjectives to describe their creature’s habits and movements – and have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to be imaginative and creative. It has meant that we have been able to watch some super videos of the children as they have performed their stories. A massive well done to those parents who overcame their struggles with technology in order to submit them for us to delight in. We have been thinking about what we would pack in our backpacks for a journey to Kenya. I did think the practicality and pragmatism of some children was hilarious – first aid kits, insect repellent and toilet paper, along with a pillow. “No pyjamas, because I can just wear my shorts and tee-shirt!” Following on from this we attempted some colour mixing collages of African Sunsets – the results were atmospheric, and beautiful.

africa sunset