Turrets and Tiaras

How lovely it is to see so many smiling faces, gappy toothed grins, and shiny shoes as we welcome a full class of Kingfishers into our classroom for the beginning of another year. It won’t be long before they, and the children who have joined us from Robins become used to the routines and ways of our class. The children have had plenty of opportunities to talk about their experiences of the last few weeks and are certainly seeming to be enjoying being back together again. In English, we have been thinking about what sorts of things we can do to help make our classroom a happy place for everybody.

This week we have been thinking about ‘Turrets and Tiaras’ – our Castle themed topic. We have been making good use of the outdoor area in all this glorious sunshine. Inside, the children were thrilled to find the castle and the dressing up clothes ready for role play – and have been finding out about what the construction equipment can do. In Art, we looked at the ‘Castle and the Sun’ picture by the artist Paul Klee – we had a go at making our own Castle and Sun pictures.

Here is the class of Kingfishers 2021….(and this was before we did P.E.!)


Seaside Fun Day

And so we really are “nearly there”. What a busy week we have had! First, congratulations to everyone for their wonderful efforts for their houses at our Sports afternoon last Friday. The children really did try their hardest, and there were many personal triumphs. Mrs Wycherley and Mr Woolston were surprised by the imagination many showed, up at Forest School, making clay Tree Sprites. With any luck, these will still be there when we go again in September. Thank you for remembering the different day! (If you have found clothes that don’t belong to your child – please bring them back to school so we can reassign them before the holiday). This week we have been working very hard to complete our bunting – finishing off our DT work for this term, ‘joining fabrics’. The children have shown such fortitude and bravery, as well as great patience. Fortunately, despite much finger pricking with the needles, no handsome princes were called for, in order to rescue sleeping beauties! The children were so proud of their finished results and were thrilled to see their bunting on show at our Fun Day. What a wonderful day this has been! The playground and MUGA were commandeered by Kingfishers. A menu of activities was given to each child so they didn’t have to ask what they should do next – a sandcastle competition, a treasure hunt, paper boat making and floating, and of course the paddling pool for fishing! There were one or two edible surprises too – just to make our day memorable and special. Two more packed days next week – Forest School on Monday – (Thank you to Mrs Wycherley for all her hard work and hot chocolate making this term – and to those who were able, or offered, to assist) – and then a garden visit on Tuesday to finish off the strangest of years.


String Art

Owls are very much looking forward to our sports day on Friday and have enjoyed practising for the different events. We look forward to having parents along to watch and cheer on. At Forest School on Monday we created our own ‘String Art’ which involved sawing a cross section of log and weaving wool in and out of nails to create patterns. It proved frustrating at times but we persevered and some of the finished results were really effective. Back in class, we’ve been closely observing how our seeds have been doing in different conditions and were amazed that the seeds in the dark germinated and the seedlings were the tallest of all the conditions, although they’re starting to look rather unhealthy without seeing the sunlight - we actually took some of these out of the cupboard to see if they would recover. Our final observational investigation involved tying a clear plastic bag over a branch and leaving it out in the sun. We were interested to find that when we returned the plastic bag was very wet inside - proof of the process of transpiration!

Owls class examining the leaves after our transpiration investigation. Right: Our ‘String Art’ from Forest School



New Teachers!

The weeks are floating past, and we’re nearly there! This week in Kingfishers we have been learning and reciting, performing and writing the poem by Shirley Hughes, “Sand in the Sandwiches”. It has funny rhymes and some vocabulary that made us think. In maths, we were taught by 3 young teachers on Monday – they were reinforcing our understanding of odd and even numbers, counting on, or back in tens from different starting points, and showing us how to use the Numicon confidently. We have carried on thinking about odd and even numbers – and showing how we know which number is which, as we progress through the tens numbers into the hundreds. At Forest School, we tried the Nettle Tea – it “tasted of sprouts”, “green beans”, and “broccoli water”. It was followed by a small cup of Hot Chocolate – I’m sure you can work out the most favoured flavour! There was great excitement when we found the toad – although also a certain amount of consternation when we realised we had been sitting on the tree stump it was hiding beneath…. (just to say – fortunately, no adults were involved in the sitting activity!) We have been practising for our races for Sports Day – everyone has been showing great sportsmanship and perseverance. Good Luck to everyone on Sports Day! And then there was sewing……… the designs have been drawn, the prototypes made, changes discussed, improvements considered……and now to the needles and thread…………. The 3 new teachers in action –

new teachers