Insect Life

Inspired by the wonderful display in the Hall from Eagles, Kingfishers have, this week, set about
creating their own ‘Jubilee/British’ display for another board. It involved much thought, and some
ingenuity – there had to be a paper plate in it somewhere! The display is well on its way and will be
completed soon!
Mini-beasts have inspired our other work this week – creative writing about the items we brought back
from Forest School; at which, we followed flow diagrams to help identify the mini-beasts we had found,
as well as recording them for posterity. This week was a good week for insect life!


My Mouth is a Volcano

A short week, working on types of sentences, writing questions, hoping for answers with exclamations.
Reading poems, looking at the shapes of them, have they got questions too?
Mr Woolston read a story ‘My Mouth is a Volcano’ – it taught us about not interrupting, and thinking
first, and what strategies we could use if we think we’re going to ‘erupt’! Good ideas – waiting to be
put into practice……….
We have continued with our learning about Islam and the Prophet Muhammed; the stories are about
looking after nature, which is what we have been thinking about in French and Science too! Almost
feels as though it was planned!

Our topic display in the classroom

topic display

Walk on the Wild Side

A ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ led us up to Forest School, where we learnt about a ‘significant figure’ in
History. We were learning about Sir David Attenborough, finding out about many different species
that have been named after him. It’s amazing how many there are. We were explorers and found
something small to sketch.
Back in the classroom, we have been learning about the different animal groups; reptiles, amphibians,
mammals, fish and birds, painting and classifying them. Our English and Maths work has continued
apace, lots of phonics, spelling and counting, whilst we strive forwards towards SATs and the Phonics
Test – coming soon!

pencil drawings

Nature Sculptors

Forest School this week found us being artists and nature sculptors. We used paint charts to explore
our surroundings matching the colours and discussing hot and cold colours, before we used natural
materials to write out names. Some children even used their maths work (fractions) dividing up their
frames into equal parts.
We were “better than Eagles” with our Samba rhythms and probably the most enthusiastic musicians!
It was also noted how enthusiastic the children were, learning the Haka with Mr Major, as part of our
Island games work.
Another great week in Kingfishers!forest school