And so the end of another term rushes up to meet us, encouraging us to bring to an end our ‘All About Me’ Topic. This week we have been making skeletons to accompany our Funnybones writing – which we have proudly displayed in the Hall and our cloakroom area. We have been making lanterns to help us remember the work of Florence Nightingale – and have been learning about the changes she made that today seem so ordinary – but then, were far-reaching.


We had a great time honing our Tennis skills on Tuesday, although our aiming still needs a little fine tuning – apologies to George and Sarah for having to return so many balls from their gardens! At Forest School, we endured a particularly wet session – survival of the wettest! But the hot chocolate was a very welcome relief! We have continued to practise addition and subtraction skills, working out word problems and making higher and higher totals.

Amazing Grace

This week has seen Kingfishers concentrating hard on themselves. We have been thinking about families in English – following the ‘Amazing Grace’ story, we have been enjoying the next story about her and her family. In Art we have been looking at ourselves very carefully and have tried to draw accurate self-portraits. There’s so much to remember – where the features actually are, what colour they actually are, how to draw lightly, how to shade. As a first proper attempt, the children have made a great start. At Forest School, we were so lucky to avoid a soaking! We were looking at the different wild-flowers and where they grow. Last week we pressed some of them in a flower press, and this week we used them to make delightful book-marks. In RE we have continued learning about the artefacts and symbols for Judaism. I have been impressed by the children’s memories and eye for detail. We are continuing our Jewish studies after the holiday, and so it will be interesting to see whether they sustain their knowledge over the half term break. 



Another week has trundled past for Kingfishers. We have been busy in Maths, carrying on with addition and subtraction patterns and problems. We have been reading word problems and working out what we need to do to find the answers. In English we have been enjoying the story of Grace, who is amazing – we have been writing about her and thinking about the message of the story – that we can do, and be, anything! For our Topic work, we have been creating healthy fruit kebabs, and designing healthy plates of food. We have been talking a lot about eating more vegetables and discussing likes and dislikes. We are still working on our French body parts – Mr Woolston joined in with our last Bingo session, which caused much amusement! He also worked with us for our RE lesson this week when we were thinking about the Jewish ‘Mezuzah’ artefact. Everyone enjoyed making their own, filling it with a secret message that they thought they could live by. Some of the messages were thought provoking and poignant – more great thinking from Kingfishers!

Our Mezuzot. They will be placed on the door frames of the classroom – in the same way that the Jewish community have theirs at home.


Tongues and Tastebuds

Gosh don’t the weeks fly by, when they are only 4 days long!! We have still been very busy! In maths we have been working on addition and subtraction families and it is proving to be quite illuminating! The children have definitely been working hard finding out the ‘inverse’ facts, showing a good deal of delight when they realise the connections! Our Science work has led us from ‘Seeing’, past ‘Touching’; we had a quick nose around ‘Smelling’ – (Congratulations to Bella for being the ‘best smeller’!) and then on to ‘Tasting’ and finally ‘Hearing’. We had 2 sessions learning about our mouths, tongues and tastebuds and the children bravely chewed, sucked and tasted the 15 items on offer. We discovered that many of the senses are linked together – smelling and tasting, seeing and hearing …..or not hearing as the case may sometimes be. Our challenge question was – “Is hearing the same as listening?” In RE we were finding out about the Shema Prayer and the Mezuzot. We’re looking forward to making our own Mezuzahs next week with Mr Woolston.