A visit from Dr. Steele

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Today, Kingfishers were treated to a visit from our very own Dr. Steele! Hattie's mum very kindly paid us a visit to talk to us about her job as a Doctor. She spoke to us about bones and how we can study pictures of our bones with x-rays. The children guessed which part of our anatomy we could see on the x-ray images. We then looked at specimen bottles and blood vials. The children asked some super questions and were fascinated with the things Dr. Steele brought us in to show.

What am I?

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Kingfishers have been thinking about how we can categorise animals. They have learnt some very long words such as Invertebrates, Amphibians and reptiles. The children loved playing 'What am I?' and thought of some super questions to find out what they could be!

Internet Research

This week in Kingfishers, we have been using our i-pads to research our favourite wild animal. We are then going to be using the book creator app to write our own e book. We havealso been using our creative skills to make something special for someone special....watch this space!

An Amazing African Themed Week

Kingfishers have had a very exciting week! We started the week off by visiting the Cotswold Safari Park. It was a lovely sunny day and the children enjoyed seeing the African animals we have spoken about in our topic. The children learnt that giraffes tongues can be purple and blue! 

Later in the week the children learnt more about traditional Kenyan culture. They played shisima, a traditional Kenyan game, which is similiar to noughts and crosses. The children started to develop strategies by blocking each others counters. The children looked at images of traditional Kenyan jewelry and made their own using bright repeating patterns. 

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