This week Kingfishers have been looking at the work of the sculptor Anthony Gormley. The children were very impressed by the 'Angel of the North' sculpture. We then spent some time making our own 'human' figures using pipe cleaners. In R. E. this term we are learning about different Creation stories, so we started at the beginning of the Old Testament. week we shall be finding out about the Aboriginal story. It was lovely to discover that the children haven't forgotten the French they were taught last year, as 'French on Fridays' began again last week.IMG 2390IMG 2390IMG 2390

Towers, Turrets and Tiaras

A fantastic start to our new year and term in Kingfishers. It has been super to see so many cheerful, smiling people beaming up at us from the carpet, or from the very smart lining up lines. We have already started our 'Towers, Turrets and Tiaras' topic, the children have enjoyed exploring the role play, polydron and small world castles, and have been very supportive of each other as they learn what goes where. We have begun to create our version of a castle on the wall, there has been much enthusiasm for the painting! 

IMG 23441

IMG 23461a

Seaside Fun Day

After our Seaside Assembly, at which the chldren performed their ryhmes,riddles and song, we had our Seaside Fun Day. There was plenty to do, and it kept us busy all day. Another in a long line of our 'best days ever'!IMG 0845IMG 2285IMG 0832IMG 0834IMG 0822IMG 0823IMG 0816IMG 2272


Although we had to tell the coach driver the way to Cheltenham, it didn;t marr the time we had at Cheltenham College, taking part in the Multiskills Event.

There were a variety of different sports to try out. It was an exciting morning.

IMG 0797IMG 0805IMG 2243