RE - Thinking about Judaism

In RE we have been learning about Judaism. We went outside to sort through activities that Jewish people can or can't do during Shabbat.

The children demonstrated their new knowledge easily.IMG 0387IMG 0388

Making things move...

In DT this term we have been learning how to make moving pictures. The first week we used a 'slider' mechanism, the next week we learnt how to use a lever and pivot, whilst in week 3 we used a wheel mechanism to make the picture turn.

Here are some examples of the children's work - the final piece will be a picture of one of the events in the story of Handa's Surprise - where a surprising thing will happen to something on the page!

IMG 0171IMG 0250IMG 0285IMG 0349

Space Dome

As part of our Space Topic, we visited the Explorer Dome at the Village Hall. It was truly awesome!

The children were enthralled by what they saw - and the colours and shapes were wonderful to look at.

IMG 1342IMG 1347IMG 1348IMG 1349


Making 3D Sculptures

Our work for the half term was to look at 3D sculptures, made by contemporary artists, using familiar items.

We had an interesting few weeks making a variety of abstract and figurative models. Here is an example of what we did - but there are more photos in the children's portfolios.


IMG 1374IMG 1374IMG 1374IMG 1374