Waterproof Experiment

This week in Kingfishers we tested different materials to see which would be the most waterproof to make an umbrella. We predicted which materials we thought would be waterproof and which ones wouldn't. The children enjoyed pouring water on to the different materials and seeing what happened. The children were surprised that a tesco bag wasn't waterproof, until they realised it had holes in the bottom!

IMG 0129


Space history

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We have been looking at the history of space travel this week and talking about Neil Armstrong. The children were enthralled with the iconic words he spoke, 'Just one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. We discussed the meaning behind his words and how Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts helped shape space history.

The children have been really enjoying their sessions of Mindfulness, which are very kindly run by Mrs Whales. This week, they perfected their breathing and really thought about how we can relax our minds and bodies through the art of deep slow breathing. They then thought about how we can notice all the wonderful things our body can do. In conclusion, the children played a mirror game with their partner, which involved real concentration and observation.


Kingfishers have been really focussed this week on learning about internet safety. We have been talking about what our personal information is and how we must take extra care when using the internet.

Year 1 enjoyed a cold and frosty Forest School session with Robins. All the children had the opportunity to use a bow saw and some children chose to make a bird feeder to hang up at our site. Year 2 returned from another successful swimming session with smiley, happy faces eager to enjoy the movie night run by FOGS!

Swirly colours!

Kingfishers watched in amazement as we mixed oil-based spray paints with water-the effect was lovely! We then dipped our alien into the bucket and we all gasped at the results!

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