What stars we had this week! Well done to all the children, as they performed their parts so splendidly in both performances, as well as the Dress Rehearsal. We thought they looked lovely and sang so enthusiastically for you, we were very proud of all they achieved, and hope you felt that way too. In between times, Kingfishers have been continuing recognising coins and counting out amounts of money. Our Advent Calendar has been suggesting acts of kindness to do each day, so we have been complementing each other, sharing smiles, and singing songs to the other classes. We learnt about the Jewish Celebration of Hannukah, and we have been busy making seasonal decorations. Mrs Fisher, Mrs Marlow and I hope everyone has a restful,(?!) enjoyable holiday, and that the children will come back to school well and refreshed in the New Year!

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3D Shapes

Rehearsals for our Nativity play have taken up a large part of this week, but despite misgivings about the short time available, the children have risen beautifully to the challenge!  Bethlehem is not so far away now, and everyone should be ready to present ''The New Baby King' on Tuesday (and again on Wednesday!) The added excitement of trying on costumes has certainly given another boost to any flagging spirits! Continuing the theme of the Christmas story, the children have been writing it, in stages, this week; whilst in maths we have been continuing to look at the properties of 3D shapes. 

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Gretton Tower

Another extremely busy week in Kingfishers; sometimes we wonder how we fit it all in! The children helped to decorate tiles for the Gretton Tower bake sale, and were very pleased to see their efforts snapped up so quickly. Mr Woolston was working with them, thinking about noticing people's facial expressions to understand how they are feeling! In maths, we have been continuing to investigate faces, edges and vertices of a variety of 3D shapes and making repeating patterns with them. In English we have been working in Santa's Workshop - creating an alphabet of toys; some letters have proved to be rather tricky! We are continuing to learn our songs for the Christmas play - we're quite sure many of the children must have been practising them at home - they have picked them up so easily!!

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The weeks are passing by so quickly, it's amazing how much we fit in! This week we have been finding out about the Jewish Festival of Lights, Hannukah. We heard the story of Antiochus and Judah and learnt about the importance of the oil. It was fantastic to have Mr Major back, to put the children through their paces in P.E. In Maths we have been creating 2D shapes using lolly sticks, whilst learning about faces and vertices on 3D shapes. And then there was Forest School! We had decided to go along a different path this week - possibly less muddy?! We had a really exciting journey, up- hill and down dale, learning how to negotiate stiles and using our listening skills to locate each other as one group disappeared into the distance. It was, by no means, quicker, less muddy, or less steep; but we had a whale of a time slipping and sliding our way to the hot chocolate station! Maybe next week, when we return, we won't be quite so …...brown!

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