The Dot


The Dot gallery in the school hall...helping to keep the link between home and school. Thank you to everyone who has sent in work.


We are looking forward to lots of submissions for our whole school art project 'The Dot'. Monty has got us off to a great start with his stunning contribution below. Don't forget you can send photos on Showbie or leave your work at the school gate in the box provided and all family members are welcome to join in.

bullScreenshot 2021 01 20 105813

Download this file (The Dot.pdf)The Dot.pdf

Merry Christmas

From Gretton Primary School


Christmas Around the World by Eagles


Coming Home by Owls


The Grumpy Sheep by Kingfishers


 The Christmas Story by Robins

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas is nearly here and at school we have been getting festive. The Christmas tree is up in the entrance lobby, the advent window is on display in the hall and we all looked very colourful on Friday in our Christmas jumpers.

treeadvent window

advent windowJumpers

What school means to me

It has been a while since we have all been together in school and so we began the year with time for the children to reflect on their experiences over the last few months as well as taking a moment to think about what school means to us all. Here is some of the work produced by each class on display in the hall.

Eagles worked on a collective project to create shields for each House-Cleeve, Langley, Stanley and Sudeley.


These are some of Owls' reflections on what school means to them.

IMG 5305

Years 1 and 2 made collages and wrote their thoughts about being a Kingfisher.

IMG 5308a

Our newest members of the school made hand-printed birds to show they are in Robins.

IMG 5307