Friendship Thursday

In 2007 a new edition of the Oxford Junior Dicitonary was published which omitted about forty common words concerning nature. Apparently they were no longer being used enough by children to merit their place in the dictionary. They included words like acorn, adder, dandelion, kingfisher and otter. Ten years later Robert Macfarland and Jackie Morris set out to make a ''spell book'' that will conjure back twenty of these lost words. We felt inspired by the beautiful poems and artwork and used the book as our theme for this term's frienship activities. The children gathered in their Houses to read ''spells' for acorn, dandelion, conker and adder and wrote their own poems and created artwork which you can see displayed around the school.

lost words

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Class Assembly

Kingfishers delivered a fantastic class assembly inpsired by the poetry of Joshua Seigal who they saw at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

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Harvest Service

All the classes participated in our Harvest Service at Gretton Church led by Steve Carter with a selection of songs, poems, readings and prayers. Thank you to all those who donated food which has been given to the local food bank.

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Literature Festival

The whole school visited the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Monday. It was a fantastic experience for all the children to meet authors and illustrators to inspire them in their own writing

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