Christmas Party

Children who regularly attend Night Owls were invited to a Christmas party to enjoy lots of fun and games.

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A King is Born

Robins and Kingfishers were very proud to perform their nativity play 'A King is Born'. They worked very hard to learn the songs in a fortnight, and the action in a week! Everyone did their best; herding, sparkling, singing, dusting, bumping, all the way to Bethlehem. Mrs Netting had a special part, with a whole family of extra children! (and a sneaky glass of wine at the end!)

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Spirit of Christmas

The children were AMAZING! They looked super, smart in their uniforms; so composed and so still when it wasn't their turn. It was fantastic to watch and a real spectacle with them stretching up almost to the level of the organ loft. They excelled with their behaviour in the afternoon rehearsal and in the performance itself. It was a challenging sing - some of the notes were incredibly high, and some, rather low, but they gave a magnificent performance and were a real credit to the school and to you, the parents. We hope you were able to see your children as they bopped, swayed, punched and of course, sang! A fantastic evening! (The pizza bit was great too!!)

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Cooking Club

Mrs Netting’s daughter is leading cooking activities on Mondays during Night Owls as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award. So far they have made cheese straws, apple and blackberry crumble and savoury scones.

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