Autumn Poetry

It was Owls’ class assembly this week and although it was a shame we couldn’t invite parents in, it was great to get them up and running again and we were all really impressed with how confidently the children spoke and read out their work. It also made us reflect on how much we have packed into the first ten weeks of the year. I will put up the PowerPoint on Showbie to give parents a taster of what we have been doing. This week we have been poets, learning about two shorter forms of poetry; the haiku and deamante (diamond) poems. On Thursday, we took a walk round Gretton to give us some inspiration for some Autumn poems we will be writing next week. We talked about similes and metaphors and the children came up with some great ideas as well as getting a chance to enjoy kicking around and crunching some fallen leaves! We’ve also had reading and maths assessments this week which the children coped with admirably and many actually enjoyed! To finish the week, we had a football tournament which ended with a thrilling penalty shootout in which Alfie S scored the winning penalty.


Writing to the PM!

This week’s English has seen Owls working incredibly hard on writing letters to the Prime Minister! We were really pleased with the fantastic ideas the children came up with and their use of the persuasive devices. Wren even read her letter aloud to some prospective parents visiting on open day who were left very impressed! With Remembrance Day on Thursday we used word art to create some fantastic looking poppies which can now be seen in the classroom window from outside of the school. We talked about the sacrifices made by soldiers and we played ‘The Last Post’. In Maths, we’ve been working hard on our addition and subtraction skills which we apply in Mrs Eliot’s problem solving lessons on Fridays.

Morgan and Alfie A’s Remembrance Day poppies


Arrow heads

After learning about the Stone Age last half term, Owls learnt about the relatively recent (a mere 4000 years ago) discovery of bronze. We discovered the process for making this revolutionary new material and discussed the advantages over Stone before the children wrote their own sales pitches trying to persuade an ancient cave dweller to convert to using bronze. We also saw first-hand how we could make any shape by crafting our own moulds from clay to make some ice arrow heads. Retrieving the frozen arrow heads from the frozen moulds proved tricky but gave as an idea of the process! Elsewhere, we have practised our persuasive letter writing skills in order to write a very important letter to a very important person about a very important issue next week! In Maths, we’ve been tackling some column addition and subtraction to complete calculations with some large numbers and in RE looked at some of the very interesting Hindu gods and goddesses.

Examining our ice arrow heads to understand the advantages of moulded bronze for tools and weapons over stone.


Pumpkin Chase

There was outrage in Owls’ classroom this week as we received a letter from Mr Frank Pickles of Pickles’ Pickle Factory stating that he intended to build his new pickled onion factory on the village playing field! We decided that we were definitely opposed to this idea and the children came up with an impressive list of reasons why it would be a terrible idea which we have used to start formulating our persuasive letters of response to him. I am confident that with the children’s excellent persuasive writing we will be able to get ourselves out of this pickle! Elsewhere, we enjoyed a great afternoon down at the field on Thursday playing tag rugby and were also lucky to hit a dry spell on Wednesday to go to Forest School. In our final Forest School session for this block, we managed to weave our own spiders’ webs, have a fire and even replicate the famous Gloucestershire cheese rolling with our own version of Pumpkin Rolling! A huge thank you to Mrs Wycherley for organising our excellent Forest School sessions over the past six weeks.

Beatrice leads the chase for the pumpkin!

pumpkin chase



A warning to parents of Owls this week; we are practising persuasive techniques in our writing so watch out for these as we try to convince others to our way of thinking! We’ve looked at the ‘Rule of three’ (making three points in the same sentence), emotive language and some exaggeration too. An entertaining afternoon was also spent recreating Stonehenge from wooden bricks. The children weren’t allowed to pick up the bricks but had to use rollers, as would have been the method back in the Stone Age. There was some excellent creative thinking but we certainly found a new level of respect for how hard it must have been to move some huge rocks over 200 miles! In Maths, we have moved onto addition and subtraction but have found that a good understanding of place value is always very useful!


Owls’ Stonehenge building project