The Stone Age

Owls’ Stone Age timeline on the playground and our colourful ‘Things which make us happy.’ kites. 

Our new Owls have settled in fantastically well and we’ve had a great first week back. We’ve read two short books, ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ by Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers and ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies. We compared these two texts and found they shared the same theme of plants being used to cheer up and bring colour to drab surroundings. We have used this as inspiration to write about our own ‘Secret Garden’, another story we have been listening to! 

Elsewhere, we have started work on our new topic and have discovered just how long a period the Stone Age was and how long ago it was compared to much of the comparatively modern history we have learned about up until now. We created a 20 metre timeline on the playground which represented the 200,000 years since modern humans have been around. Based upon this line, all the history we have studied before, fits into just 20cm and our own lives (the children’s), represented less than one millimetre of the line! 



Bread and Butter Pudding

A final action packed week for Owls. This week we’ve been cooking, Bell boating, creating tree figures and writing 100 word stories based upon them. We even managed to fit in a move up morning to see the new year 3s. Our cooking lesson involved creating a 1940s favourite, Bread and Butter Pudding. We measured out the ingredients and had to do some conversions from ounces to grams (with a little help!). We were also interested to see how little sugar was used in the recipe which we decided must have been because of rationing. At the time of writing, we hadn’t yet tried the pudding but look forward to doing so! It was lovely to see the future Year 3s up in the classroom on Wednesday morning. They shared with us some of their excellent sea riddles and we got to know each other more with a game of 2 Truths and a Lie. The Year 4s went down to visit the Year 1s and had an enjoyable morning making flextangles with Mrs Fisher (very fun but quite tricky!) Other activities have included some Maths revision on number lines and time and creating a poster showing an A-Z of our year which made us realise just how much we’ve crammed in!

Measuring out our ingredients for Bread and Butter pudding.

bread and butter pudding

Code Breakers

Owls class was eerily quiet on Wednesday afternoon as the children become World War 2 code breakers for the afternoon. We looked at a type of code called the Pigpen Cypher. Ines and Beatrice in particular quickly picked up the idea but soon we were all cracking the code and then sending our own messages to one another. We also learnt a bit about the work which went on at Bletchley Park and Mr Bridges showed us a video of the amazing code breaking machine which was put to use and had to work through 17,576 combinations every day- thankfully ours were a little simpler! Elsewhere, we finished our class story, The Butterfly Lion, which promoted a lot of discussion and the children started coming up with ideas for their own alternative endings or added chapters. On Monday we took a long walk up on Langley Hill to identify different types of trees - Beauford and Rowan identifie different types! Finley’s World War 2 code breaking!



Dendrochronology (estimating the age of trees) was the focus of Owls’ Forest School session this week. We looked at the rings inside logs and branches and discovered that counting each ring told us the age of the tree. We also discovered how to measure the height of a tree without having to climb it, instead using our knowledge of angles. Back inside the classroom, we learnt some important lessons about what we can do to help prevent global warming in the future through reading an e-book, which gave us the power to choose how the story went. In English, we continued our work on ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo and discovered a bit more about life in the First World War. Pen Licence: Well done to Oscar Hollingsworth Reading Challenge: Congratulations to Beatrice (Platinum) and Sarah (Silver).

Owls working together to measure the height of the oak tree up at Forest School


Swimming Stars

The fun doesn’t end in Owls - whilst swimming may have come to an end, we had our first session at Forest School! The children have all made fantastic progress with their swimming over the six weeks and it was great to see how much confidence and enjoyment there was when we had our ‘free play’ session at the end with balls, batons and hoops flying everywhere. Many of the children also swam whole lengths (or multiple lengths) of the pool. The children also learnt about beach flags with Mr Major on Monday so be sure to quiz them on this in the summer holidays at the beach! During Forest School, we tried our hand at some ‘Poetree’, thinking of one line each to create a group poem. In a more mathematical activity, we used sticks to make different angles, as well as some perpendicular and parallel lines. In the classroom, we’ve had some reading tests to do this week which there was a really positive attitude to, and again, we were really impressed with the progress the children have made. Well done all of you! Pen Licences: Ines and Rowan - well done on the concerted effort to present everything neatly and for consistently joining your handwriting. Congratulations to Sophie, Jake and Sarah for the fantastic efforts they have been making with the Nessy spelling programme and on being awarded their ‘Certificates of Achievement’.

Tuesday marked the end of Owls’ six-week swimming block - they have all made fantastic progress