Double Date Day

It was a day late that we noticed but Owls enjoyed trying to work out what was special about the date on Monday (5/10/20). Lots of children recognised that all of the numbers were in the 5 times table but well done to Oscar Hollingsworth who was the first to, very quickly, spot that the numbers doubled each time. Mrs Holt later informed me that this is known as ‘double date’ day! Beth also worked out that the next one will not be for another four years on 6/12/24. After that we realised that the next one won’t be until the year 2104! (1/2/04)

Elsewhere, we’ve been planning and writing our Viking legends and in Maths we started to look at Roman Numerals which proved very popular! We had another great session at Forest School where, amongst other things, we collected natural objects (well done to Talia and Amelia who found 30 different objects!) and created leaf rubbings which helped us to examine the leaves structure more closely.



Owls’ focus this week has been on our scientific topic, exploring light and darkness. We considered many different objects and thought about whether they were sources of light or not. A few were easy, for example a tube of toothpaste is clearly not a light source and the sun clearly is. Others, however, created more debate for example mirrors, windows and the moon. Much to our surprise, the moon is not a light source, instead it simply reflects the light as is the case with the mirror. The window too is not a light source, it is simply an opening which allows light to pass through it. We also looked at the reflectiveness of different materials and discovered through our investigation that lighter colours and smoother surfaces are more reflective. Another highlight was experiencing (almost) true darkness in the PE shed and finding that Mr Bridges’ reflective cycling jacket was not a light source, so didn’t show at all with no light on it.

Elsewhere, we also had another enjoyable (and drier) Forest School session, where we enjoyed some meditative yoga and making our own bogarts!


Heading Home

Owls are fully getting back into the swing of things and have had another busy week! We’ve edited and written up our final versions of our ‘Heading Home’ poems. We had a go at drawing our own borders (tricky!) and how to present our poems neatly using guide lines.

At Forest School, we experimented with creating shadow drawings using charcoal and played a very fun Game called ‘Invasion’ where a few Anglo Saxon kings had to defend their home from a mob of angry and fierce looking Viking invaders! We’ve also been hard at work on our place value work in Maths and even squeezed in designing and decorating our own personalised pencil cases. No wonder we’re all feeling a bit tired!

Writing in runes

Owls thoroughly enjoyed their first trip up to Forest School this year. We explored our extended territory and the children enjoyed hunting for Viking runes hidden around the site which they used to decode a secret message. We also had the opportunity to write our own names in runes using crushed blackberries as our ink!

Back in class, the children have been using a thesaurus to search for exciting vocabulary to use in our ‘Heading Home’ poems. We’ve been very impressed with their creative ideas. In our Maths work we looked at how to represent numbers in different ways.




It’s fantastic to have a full class again and so lovely to see some familiar faces again after a long time off! We have been really impressed with the way the children have settled back in, particularly our new Year 3s.

In our first few days we have been thinking about our school and what it means to us. On Thursday, we looked back at what the school might have been like when it first began in 1862 (when children were actually taught at the village school as the school building wasn’t built until 30 years later. We compared some of the rules and attitudes from that time to the present day and decided that we preferred our current ‘Golden Rules’ which are far more positive and respectful to children and adults alike!

In the afternoons we have been learning different techniques for creating interesting lines and marks and have been creating our own Owls artwork which we hope to display. On behalf of Mrs Fowler and myself, I’d also like to say a huge thank you for the generous gifts we received at the end of last summer.

working owls