The Stone-Iron Age

Both Mrs Fowler and I have been really impressed with how the children have all settled in this week and the children have shown particular interest and excitement for our new topic focussed on the Stone-Iron age. The children have been thinking of some of their own questions they would like to find out about - ‘What did they eat?’ and ‘What did they do in their spare time?’ among them. Elsewhere, we started to look at a Stone Age themed story in English and in Maths discussed how we make all of our numbers from combining the digits of 0-9 (as well as learning that Mr Bridges insists we put only one digit per box!).


An Easter Treasure Hunt at Adventure Club

Adventure Club finished on a high this week with a special extended session. The children had to use the map reading skills they had learnt over the past weeks to navigate our course and there were a number of cards to find on the route. The cards spelt out 'Happy Easter' but when they were turned over revealed a secret message to help us find some Easter themed treasure!! 



Fraction Tarsias

Owls used their teamwork and newly developed fraction skills to help solve a range of challenging puzzles last week. Mrs Eliot was very impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm shown by all! Well done Owls


Exploring Shape

This half term Owls have been honing their geometry skills across different areas of the curriculum. In our Maths work, we have learnt the names of different 2D and 3D shapes and are able to classify them according to their properties. We have used this knowledge to help us with different areas of our topic work such as drawing 3D buildings in our 'Lowry inspired' art work and we had a go at programming the ipads to draw some 2D and 3Dshapes of our own, 

Owls shape work

Owls shape work


Adventure Club


Adventure Club has proved immensely popular this term, mostly with Owls Class. We have been busy exploring the local area and have developed our map work skills and understanding of compass directions. We have also found different animal tracks and the homes of different animals and learnt some of their name as well as having an opportunity to simply play and enjoy the great outdoors! We look forward to more explorations next half term!

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