Sandfield Farm Visit

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 Owls had a fabulous visit to Sandfield Farm last Wednesday despite the wet and wintery conditions. We enjoyed lots of topic related activities such as designing and building our own Saxon houses, grinding corn to make flour and even churning some milk to make butter!

Literature Festival

Owls had a fantastic time at Cheltenham Literature Festival where we saw the poet Matt Goodfellow perform. We have all been thoroughly inspired by his engaging and fun delivery of his poems. The children are now working hard on creating some of our own poems based on Matt's originals. 

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Winter Wonderland

Owls thoroughly enjoyed a wintry session up at Forest School with Nellie the Snowdog! They made sledges, snow bears and snow angels as well as using a large ball of string to make a food web.

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Year 4 Rugby

Year 4 did exceptionally well at a rather wet but ultimately enjoyable rugby tournament in Tewkesbury, organised by Gloucester Rugby who have been working with the children in the first half term. 


Having narrowly lost our opening game, we improved game on game and won their remaining three games. The children were a credit to the school and showed superb determination and teamwork in horrible conditions. 




Measuring up the playground

Owls applied what they had learnt about area and perimiter last week to measure up the playground. We measured the length of the playground as roughly 32 metres and the width was 26 metres. From this we were able to calculate the perimiterby multiplying the length and width by 2 and then adding the totals (116 metres). Some of us clculated the area also by multiplying 32 x 26 which gave us an area of 832 metres squared. It sounds a lot but doesn't feel like it when there are 100 children running round on it. Some of us also calculated the space Kingfishers classroom took off this total.