Robins' First Full Week

Robins have successfully completed their first full week of school. It has been a busy one but they have coped very well with the new afternoon routines. The children tried really hard to manage changing for PE by themselves and I think everyone’s kit actually made it back into to the correct bags (we’ll find out next week!). During the lesson the children acted out the story of ‘Dear Zoo’ and had no difficulty behaving like a herd of stomping elephants, a pride of fierce  lions and a group of jumping frogs but I sent them all back to the zoo where they belong! We met Hamish and Peggy’s guinea pigs Mel and Sue and found out how to look after them as well as enjoying a cuddle. Any more pet visits would be very welcome.

IMG 3548IMG 3548IMG 3548




Strictly Robins

Inspired by Toby singing ‘ I like to move it’ we put on some Disney songs which got everyone up and dancing. Robins have been ‘strictlyfied’ with a collection of dancing outfits to strut their stuff on the dance floor. ‘Let it go’ has been particularly popular and Harry has even been showing us his breakdancing moves! Betty was inspired by the beautiful Robin cushion on the sofa and wanted to try some sewing and several children have made hand puppets. Some of the children have been enjoying using the rain water collecting in the outdoor area to make their own cement and dig holes likes the workmen outside school. We have also been talking about our pets this week, we read ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell and created clay models of the animals while practising describing words. If anyone would like to bring in a pet to show the class next week we would love to meet them!

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First Trip to Forest School

Robins stayed for lunch this week and many of them earned lunchtime awards for trying new foods and eating all their dinner. We also had our first venture to Forest School. Robins found lots of signs of Autumn and collected leaves, acorns and sycamore seeds to create their own ‘Leaf Man’ collages.

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Dough Disco

This week Robins have been finding out more about each other. They have shared family photos, painted self-portraits and made hand prints. Each morning we have played pop music to get our funky fingers dancing in play dough at the ‘Dough disco’! We want really strong fingers to help us hold our pencils while we practise writing our names. Lots of fun has been had during ‘Busy Bears’ time including blowing bubbles in the water tray, forming a band with microphones and musical instruments in the Outdoor Area and creating an enormous car ramp with cardboard tubes.

IMG 3250

Mr Woolston read Robins the story of 'The Very Selfish Crocodile'.

IMG 3315

We baked jam tarts and flapjacks.