Jack and the Beanstalk

Robins have been acting out and drawing story maps of Jack and the Beanstalk this week. They have planted bean seeds and made collages of the Giant. Robins have also grown cress seeds and made cress sandwiches as well as pancakes on Pancake Day. Big Friends came to read Robin’s favourite books to them on World Book Day and Mrs Amos led story time with one of her favourite books. On Friday we met Karyn’s pet guinea pigs and enjoyed a cuddle!

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Bus ride to Winchcombe

Robins hopped on a bus to Winchcombe last week. They explored the local shops to find out what goods they sell and bought some stamps for letters they had written. They visited the library for a story time and then the play park before catching the bus back to school.



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A busy week for the Robins

Robins read the story of ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ and acted out the animal characters who misbehaved on his boat. They had a walk to the park on their own outing and drew maps of the route. At Forest School some of the Robins used the bow saw to cut pieces of log. They had great fun playing in the gloopy swamp in the water tray and made tyre tracks with paint. Robins also enjoyed a Big Friend Bake Off on Friday and cooked some delicious chocolate cookies to share with their Big Friends.

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Toast pizza, painting and gym

Robins have been making toast pizza, counting the number of toppings as part of their maths work-the classroom smelt delicious. Hugo brought in an artist box that he was given for his birthday and inspired many of the Robins to have a go at water colour painting. In gym they learnt about balances and some of the children were able to balance on their hands without touching the floor with any other part of their body-Mrs Netting is still working on it!


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