The Gingerbread Man

This week Robins began their new topic 'Once upon a time' with the story of The Gingerbread Man. We acted out the story, drew maps and baked our own gingerbread biscuits. Which bit of him would you eat first? Most of the Robins decided to start with his head but some chose his legs so he couldn't run away again!

IMG 2051


Robins have enjoyed meeting the pets of their friends and staff at Gretton.

IMG 1855IMG 1877IMG 1881aIMG 1898

Welcome to our new Robins

Our new Robins have settled brilliantly into Gretton school life. They have been exploring lots of fun activities in the Reception classroom, Outdoor Area and at Forest School.

IMG 1413IMG 1798IMG 1461IMG 1806IMG 1540



Thanks to FOGS we have been able to purchase lots of Numicon resources which have helped the children develop their understanding of number. Here the children were learning to find 1 more by ordering the large Numicon tiles, print with them in the sand and recreate the number patterns with ice cubes.

IMG 0317IMG 0312IMG 0322