First Trip to Forest School

Robins stayed for lunch this week and many of them earned lunchtime awards for trying new foods and eating all their dinner. We also had our first venture to Forest School. Robins found lots of signs of Autumn and collected leaves, acorns and sycamore seeds to create their own ‘Leaf Man’ collages.

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Dough Disco

This week Robins have been finding out more about each other. They have shared family photos, painted self-portraits and made hand prints. Each morning we have played pop music to get our funky fingers dancing in play dough at the ‘Dough disco’! We want really strong fingers to help us hold our pencils while we practise writing our names. Lots of fun has been had during ‘Busy Bears’ time including blowing bubbles in the water tray, forming a band with microphones and musical instruments in the Outdoor Area and creating an enormous car ramp with cardboard tubes.

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Mr Woolston read Robins the story of 'The Very Selfish Crocodile'.

IMG 3315

We baked jam tarts and flapjacks.


New Robins

A very big welcome to our new Robins. They have thrown themselves into life in Robins with enthusiasm, trying out lots of activities from puppet shows to play dough baking, from water walls to sand sculptures. As well as making new friends in the class they have also been getting to know their Big Friend in Eagles who have done a great job this week helping them to settle in and teaching them fun games at playtimes.

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Minibeast Madness

Robins have been intrepid explorers this term hunting for bugs at Forest School as part of our Minibeast topic. The children have learnt so many fantastic facts from information books and the internet as well as learning to retell one of our favourite stories 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. We had an amazing trip to Stratford Butterfly Farm and finished our topic with an Ugly Bug Ball dress up day during which we shared lots of our learning with parents and the rest of the school in our class assembly.

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