Class Assembly

Despite technical issues with the projector in the hall and a change of location to the classroom, Robins coped brilliantly with their class assembly which they performed to their families on Wednesday. It was lovely to be able to show their parents photos of many of the activities they have participated in since starting at Gretton and prove that they have been very busy despite them telling parents they haven’t done anything at school today! They remembered all their words and joined in with enthusiasm as they performed ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and sang ‘5 Little Gingerbread Men in a Row’. This week we also invented our version of the story called The Gingerbread Girl who was snapped up by a mean dragon! 

IMG 3983IMG 3983

We also planted Rowan trees at Forest School in the pouring rain!

The Gingerbread Man

Mrs Netting donned her storyteller’s hat and cloak on Monday for story time and with a loud ‘Hocus Pocus’ from all the children, a little gingerbread man appeared inside the hat. The children listened to the story of The Gingerbread Man and then baked their own biscuits. Evelina decided to eat the legs of her gingerbread man first so he couldn’t run away! Having heard the story, the children added their own actions to help them remember the events in order so they can recite it to everyone in their class assembly on Wednesday. On Thursday we had more visitors than Robins in the classroom for Open Day! We were very proud of how well behaved and polite the children were to all the visiting families.

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Robins read ‘Funnybones’ this week and made skeleton pictures with straws. We learnt about speech bubbles and added these to our skeleton animal chalk drawings to show what sounds they make. The children have enjoyed practising numbers with Numberblocks and made their own using Unifix cubes to help them order numbers, count forward and back and say 1 more. Some of the children noticed the conkers in the outdoor area are swimming in water and tested them to see which would float or sink. Barnaby Bear also got very wet this week as he enjoyed taking a spin in Mrs Netting’s washing machine and is all ready to go on holiday with India next week, the children dressed him in different outfits for different weather and some made him an umbrella in case it rains…we haven’t tested how waterproof paper plates are yet!

IMG 3738IMG 3738IMG 3738


The Cave

Following the book fair and trip to the Literature Festival, an exciting package arrived for the Robins from the BookTrust containing a brand new story book called ‘The Cave’ by Rob Hodgson for each of them. In the story a wolf lies in wait outside a cave in which he thinks lives a little creature who he tries to entice out so that he may eat him. He eventually succeeds with a donut only to discover the small creature is in fact a huge bear and so the wolf then ends up hiding in the cave himself! Having been inspired by Eagles puppet shows last week, Robins made their own stick puppets of the wolf and bear and a cave theatre to act out the story. We also talked about the foods that would have tempted us out of the cave and decided to bake some cookies for the parents open afternoon as we thought they might be one of their favourite foods. We finished this term’s Forest School sessions, with more food by toasting marshmallows on a campfire but the only ‘little creatures’ tempted by them were the Robins!

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