When I grow up

Robins came to school dressed as someone they would like to be when they grow up...

IMG 4566

Sarah's Mummy came in to talk to us about her job as a nurse.

IMG 4533

Pet Week

Look at all the pets we met this week in Robins!

IMG 4474IMG 4492IMG 4503IMG 4524IMG 4524IMG 4525IMG 4527


Big Friends organised a 'mini-olympics' on the playgroud for Robins, we have also enjoyed our first visit to Forest School and had so much fun that we only just made it back in time for lunch! We are also enjoyingn lots of stories on our new sofa kindly donated by Mrs Jones.

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Robins settle in

IMG 4307IMG 4345IMG 4343IMG 4349

Robins have settled really well into Gretton school life, enjoying stories, exploring the autumn table and eating lunch together.